Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Nov 13, 2012 Paddio commented on None Dare Call It Treason Mental Illness.
No no, please please don't move to Texas, we're working hard to ridicule and marginalize your people down here! A long road, but it's starting to pay off...
Aug 6, 2012 Paddio commented on An Excellent New Ad to Legalize Marijuana.
Yeah, let's all ignore the actual people that prohibition hurts because, y'know, soccer moms and software engineers get all worried about their kids when you start talking stoners' rights. Yet here we are trying to convince the same people that jailing stoners is working against their interests? How? MM is a salient issue, but let's drop the charades and start hammering the fact that it hurts actual real people to jail them for consuming weed.
Jan 25, 2012 Paddio commented on Stranger Commenter Decides to Brag on Obama's Behalf.
I'm one that considers due process a core principle of our political system. Without it, all the other Constitutional rights are moot. The President now only needs to say you're a terrorist and you're persona non grata. And it's all legal now!

We'd still have troops in Iraq today were it not for Wikileaks. Obama didn't really want to leave but he had no say in the matter. It's a failed mission he was willing to keep going (and funded) until he got re-elected to avoid its inevitable collapse on his watch.

The healthcare law was a sop to the industry. The much-ballyhooed pre-existing condition provision was a red herring, most people who have insurance are on group plans that waive that requirement. There is no requirement to make it affordable, and good luck finding an affordable individual plan for the previously un-insurable. Show me one person who's health insurance has improved as a result of this plan, I may reconsider. In fact, my premiums increased by about 7% this year as a result of its enactment. Thanks a lot.

Instead of incrementally dismantling the radical unitary executive constructed by Bush's DOJ lawyers, Obama has audaciously doubled down on unchecked executive power by zealously pursuing Bush-era whistle-blowers and using the state secrets doctrine to prevent the accused from access to the courts, even going so far as to threaten detainment of lawyers seeking discovery of state's evidence against their clients. Obama has invoked the draconian WWI-era Espionage Act six times against suspects, a law that has only been employed three times in the 89 years before Obama was elected. Warrantless wiretaps, you name it, Obama has taken an authoritarian stance on every critical civil rights question.

Just imagine the flames and exhaust emanating from DailyKos and HuffPost if John McCain had done these things.

That said, if Texas was in play I'd probably vote for Obama only on the Supreme Court question. (OTOH, Elena Kagan bears all the hallmarks of a dark horse not particularly friendly to abortion rights.) I'm actually glad I don't have to though.
Jan 25, 2012 Paddio commented on Stranger Commenter Decides to Brag on Obama's Behalf.
@91 - This. I'm in Texas, a state no Democratic Presidential candidate stands a chance of carrying in the near future so "luckily" I don't have to lie to myself about Obama. The feel-good horseshit you describe proves that most Democratic voters differ little from their Republican counterparts who can't see beyond than their own pocketbooks, and we liberals who get suckered time and again by light Republicans like Obama must learn to deal with that unfortunate reality. Lesser of two evils is still evil.
Jan 25, 2012 Paddio joined My Stranger Face
Jan 25, 2012 Paddio joined My Stranger Face
Jan 25, 2012 Paddio commented on Stranger Commenter Decides to Brag on Obama's Behalf.
The ability of Obama's liberal apologists to ignore his civil rights violations as inconvenient but necessary (in a realpolitik way) is truly amazing. The same people who roundly condemned far less egregious abuses of power by GWB now have no problem with carrying out actions the Bush neocons could only have wet dreams about. Liberal apologist are so blinded by the prospect of a Presnit GOP Wackadoodle they can't see that Obama is merely the moderate Republican in the race.

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