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Mar 21, 2012 MySoCalledScreenName answered a bunch of weird questions about himself or herself.
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Listening to Arnold's commentary is like having to listen to a 5 year old describe the entire plot line of Ace Ventura Pet Detective, in exhaustive detail, only, minus the cuteness of a child and her enthusiasm for the topic.
Jan 26, 2012 MySoCalledScreenName commented on If You Know Your Gay Kid Is Being Brutally Bullied At His School....
I'm straight and I don't ever plan to have children but as a kid I was bullied and tormented throughout my childhood. I was molested and beaten by my father, outed him to my school guidance counselor when I was 11 and the local newspaper ran his arrest in their paper, after which, I spent a year being asked how I liked banging my dad. This was after years of being bullied simply for being a weird kid (in no small part because I was being molested by my father since the age of 6.) I don't know the torment of being a gay child but I had my brush with bullying and I spent years feeling suicidal before attempting (and obviously failing) to take my life at the age of 14.

I'll say this in defense of the parents, many of us who are bullied don't make as fine a point of it to our parents as we could. I certainly never told my mom how bad I had it at school and why I was so miserable and I definitely didn't tell her about my desire to take my life.

Additionally, in defense of parents of bullied children, there are few people, at least these days, who have the option to move, or have the resources and time to home school. My mom was a single parent after my dad's arrest, and was working full time. There is no chance she could have home schooled me if I had wanted her to and I honestly don't think I would have wanted her to. When I tried to take my life, I was already attending a private school, instead of going to the public school I'd been attending with all the bullying. Guess what? Kids can be assholes and you can feel like an outcast almost anywhere. I doubt every parent of gay children can afford to move to San Francisco, New York City or other liberal areas of the country, but even if they did, that wouldn't necessarily make everything better.

All this is to say that I'm 100% for doing everything you can for a child, but let's be sure to put the onus where it belongs. The parents of this child probably had no idea the extent of their child's pain and implying that this is their fault for not uprooting their entire lives to move to another school, another state, or take on homeschooling, seems to be asking a lot. I get the point. If you see warning signs, don't ignore them, but let's not focus on the parents here. It sounds like they were loving and supportive as best they could be.
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