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Sep 26, 2012 yumyum74 commented on A Cup of Joe and a Slice of Pie.
I live in the neighborhood. I had high hopes but this place is incredibly inconsistent.There is no telling what version of your order you will get on any given day. Some food has been completely inedible. Everything needs to be at least $2 cheaper for what you get. I love the 9lb Hammer right next door but I have given up on the Square Knot. Too many other great places in the neighborhood.
Sep 18, 2012 yumyum74 commented on Slog Poll: "Key Arena Is Essentially Doomed.".
A bigger Chihuly museum!
Sep 11, 2012 yumyum74 commented on Capitol Hill Tenants Organize to Out-Fundraise Anti-Gay Building Owner.
I lived in one of these buildings for 8 years. I am guessing they have no idea how much gay sex happens on a daily basis in their shitty overpriced apartments.
Sep 7, 2012 yumyum74 commented on Capitol Hill Building Owners Donate $20,000 to Anti-Gay Marriage Group After Allegedly Attempting to Stop Pro-Gay Marriage Fundraiser From Taking Place in Their Apartment Building.
I lived in one of these buildings not that long ago. I recall one of the owners showing up every once in awhile in a car covered in pro life stickers. Good to see they are keeping it classy
Aug 29, 2012 yumyum74 commented on Excellent Metal Kid Spotted on 11th & Pine.
To Mega Therion is one of the best metal albums ever. This kid is cool and it seems his father is as well
Aug 28, 2012 yumyum74 commented on I'm in Love with a Robot.
oh...now it is a fat man and a frat guy in capes acting like assholes minus the cops. That sure is something
Aug 23, 2012 yumyum74 commented on Hey, Bigots, Are You a Heroe?.
The photo is pretty small but isn't that a horrible fetish costume version of Captain America?
Aug 10, 2012 yumyum74 commented on Farewell, Akimbo.
This band has given me so many great memories and Jon will forever be my hardcore crush. God I feel old
Jul 26, 2012 yumyum74 commented on It's the Feel-Good Story of a Feel-Bad Week....
In the same interview he condemns abortion so fuck him. Maybe 20 year old rich kids aren't as wise as you think
Jul 9, 2012 yumyum74 commented on What You're Not Wearing: Wheels Edition!! NSFW!.
True, But I would rather see jean shorts than old man cock