Keenan C
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May 19 Keenan C commented on More Complaints of Racial Profiling on Popular Neighborhood Site Nextdoor.
Community organizing is only permitted when poor people do it, duh.
May 6 Keenan C commented on Privatizing the Clearing of Homeless Encampments.
@1 Every asshole in Seattle doesn't get to personally approve each line on the city budget. Your opinion doesn't matter.
Apr 12 Keenan C commented on Rule 36 Applies to 2016 Election.
34 Dan, Rule 34.
Apr 6 Keenan C commented on Under the Needle.
I kind of think injecting drugs should carry with it a risk of death.
Apr 5 Keenan C commented on Elevated Train Destroys Chicago's Urban Environment Before Your Very Eyes.
The problem with Seattle is people think their opinion should matter. It doesn't. We need a dictator to displace the shit out of people and build transit as fast as possible. The public good counts more than anyone's opinion.
Mar 30 Keenan C commented on Monorail Deadender: Can We Build Light Rail Without Shitting On Elevated Transit?.
Why can't we revive the monorail proposal? There's a lot more money and people in Seattle than there was 10 years ago. Grade-separated transit within Seattle is the way to go, screw the suburbs.