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I'd say 5 years ago I'd be fist-pumping with this article and say "Yeah! You get that cult!" It would've helped me belive what I already belived by sharing a sentiment With people who have had bad experiences with religion and Christians, or atleast as perceived in the news or on TV.

However, I started questioning this Jesus character and it really itched me that he himself said, as recorded in what some call a historical document,, "I am God. You have refused to belive it all your life. but I'm going to die in your place so you dont get the punishment you rightfully deserve for not loving the thing who made you and loves you more than you'll ever understand."

I went to an acts 29 church, ready to object. I got invited out for coffee by a member. We talked. He was extremely polite, expressed his beliefs, and listened to mine. And then he politely asked me to see where my ideas didn't match up with what Jesus said. The guy said--you eventually have to make a decision. Either Jesus was who he said he was, or he wasn't. How do you know if he is or not? And Is it a question worth asking?

This acts 29 church fellow had me and my girlfriend over for dinner with his wife. They cooked for us. Took care of us. They showed us who Jesus was and is. And if they truly belived he was God, why wouldn't they tell me? If Jesus was God and I didn't belive it, there was a chance for consequence. Isn't it better to put yourself out for criticism and tell a friend they may be wrong about something that could jeopardize their well-being?

I lead and serve in an acts 29 church now and belive Jesus, the historical figure who did exist was who he said he was. My church is not perfect. Only God is, and with His help we try and stick to his example and serve people like Jesus did, who "came not to be served, but to serve."

Go to Mars Hill or any other church that tries hard to stick to what Jesus said. Meet someone. Find out for yourself if they are as bad as this adticle says they are. Invite them to coffee. Be bold and figure out if this Jesus guy is who he said he is or not. If not, not a whole lot will change. If so, everything will change, and I think you will be glad for it.