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Mar 19, 2012 Sophia Grace commented on A Mars Hill WikiLeaks, Of Sorts.
Jim Henderson,

How can I contact you? Please email me:

Feb 3, 2012 Sophia Grace commented on Church or Cult?.

I am glad you told your story! I linked it at

Come visit us anytime, and if you would like to guest me...The address is at the website!

Feb 3, 2012 Sophia Grace joined My Stranger Face
Feb 3, 2012 Sophia Grace commented on Church or Cult?.
My question is, were you there in those meetings with the CGL, or pastor?
I am one of the people mentioned in the article, and I was loving. Even when I got the horrible email. It is exactly the blind attitude you have that believes the leadership handled it well and anyone who tells their story is guilty of the sin of pride or rebellion or not agreeing with us or questioning or not being Reformed enough or not letting some young, arrogant kid who thinks he is Pastor Mark tell us whether or not we are hearing from God and rightly interpreting the scripture.
The funny thing is that MH members will defend this, until it happens to them. And when or if it does, please know, you are welcome to the refuge, we will love you (even if you sinned), we will introduce you to GRACE (not Driscoll), and we will tell your story, without judgment. I am glad you are happy at MH, but just because you have had a good experience, it doesn't necessarily invalidate others bad experiences.

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