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Apr 13, 2012 Barbara Tee commented on Sodomy-Enhanced Marriage.
I think "sodomy" may be a stronger, more offensive term in the UK than in the U.S.?

U.S. legislators and newspapers have no trouble at all talking about "sodomy laws". We automatically think of "Sodom and Gomorrah" in our Bible-based culture. If the Bible says it, it must be okay.
In the UK, I take it calling someone a "sod" is, to say the least, very impolite, and "low-class" slang. We don't have a similar slang term to "a sod" in the U.S. We have bad words for the same thing, just not the term "sod".
Apr 13, 2012 Barbara Tee commented on Let's All Watch Rick Santorum End His Campaign Together.
Sorry, I meant "I agree with #39" -- Trisomy 18.... is a death sentence. And the pain, torture, suffering, fear, the child who is incapable of understanding goes thru.....
Apr 13, 2012 Barbara Tee commented on Let's All Watch Rick Santorum End His Campaign Together.
With Bella having Trisomy 18, then, Santorum at ANY time could have felt the need to interrupt his campaign, against Romney or Obama, or his presidency if he got it, to tend to her health.... something voters SHOULD have known about a potential candidate.....

I agree with #19. Trisomy 18 is a death sentence. Another indication that God doesn't mind abortions at all, as {"50% are ..... stillborn"}.
After all, if God really wanted a child to get born, don't you think an "all-powerful" god could overlook such a small thing {to him} as an abortion, and simply get that "soul" born to another mother? {Silly question!}
The truly compassionate thing would be for the Santorums to have aborted this child, who will NEVER know any "quality of life". "Abominably selfish", truly. Catholicism is the CRUELEST....... it is better when Catholics IGNORE the Vatican Hierarchy's rules, even better if they quit the Catholic Church and admit their secret disbelief in the ridiculous dogma fairytales.....
Apr 13, 2012 Barbara Tee commented on Mitt Romney Suddenly Plagued by Rumors of Public Masturbation.
You engage in a War Against Women; a War Against Sex:

and Women and Gay People {renowned for creativity!}, will find original, unexpected means of FIGHTING BACK......
look at all those many, many creative videos mocking Rick Perry's "Brokeback Barn Coat" anti-gay video..... and the "Gathering Storm" videos....

You wage war on the Creatives, be prepared to LOSE, and to be MOCKED TO DEATH, first.......

Yeah, "To Mitt", GO for it, everybody! "To Mitt"....... hee hee hee.

Apr 13, 2012 Barbara Tee commented on Mitt Romney Suddenly Plagued by Rumors of Public Masturbation.
Poor guy, first the dog pooping in the carrier on the car roof {absolutely true!}, and now this.....

Why wasn't Mormon Magic Underwear enough? That ALSO is absolutely, provably true.....

I like "to Mitt", as #30 put it!

It was words brought "Santorum" down -- thanks to Dan Savage!
"To Mitt" -- "To masturbate in a public place". heh heh heh. We needed such a word.
"Mitt one's Willie."
Apr 13, 2012 Barbara Tee commented on St. Mary's Is Next Catholic Church to Balk at Seattle Archbishop's R-74 Campaign.
Wonderful news! Maybe the beginning of a REAL SPLIT in the "Catholic" Church. {"Catholic" is supposed to mean "Universal". Meaningless since the 16th-century Reformation. You don't REALLY believe that garbage about Eve and the Apple and Original Sin and such? MOST people in the world, certainly believe no such thing, and have no guilt about their sexual activity which directly stems from this Fairy Tale.}
How soon will it be before people renounce their Baptism {no, you won't be going to Hell forever for that!}, stop giving the Vatican Church their money to be used for political purposes, and form their OWN congregations, outside this cabal of morally corrupt pedophilic misogynists? How long, o lord, how long?
Apr 11, 2012 Barbara Tee commented on Bully Pulpit.
When are people going to DEMAND to REVOKE THE TAX-FREE STATUS of Churches that are so BLATANTLY political????
When are people going to DEMAND to REVOKE THE TAX-FREE STATUS of the many, many Catholic-Church-owned profit-making {and discriminatory!} BUSINESSES?

When are gullible Parishioners, who mistakenly THINK their money is going to "Catholic Charities" instead of to Catholic Politics, going to STOP putting another DIME in the Collection Plate?

When are Parishioners going to REVOLT in the only MEANINGFUL way, and LEAVE the Vatican Catholic Church entirely {because it is a hopeless top-down tyranny}, and form their OWN worship groups -- as is being done in many places in Europe and the U.S.?

When Catholic Churches and Cathedrals are DESERTED for lack of attendance, then new groups can take them over for whatever purpose is desired, for schools, for community centers or art museums or concert halls, for tourist walks, or even for worship!
The Catholic Church is UTTERLY MORALLY BANKRUPT; and should be made Financially that way, the sooner the better!
Apr 6, 2012 Barbara Tee commented on Letter to the Editor.
SOME of the great cultural artifacts of the past, were built with slave labor.

SOME of the great cultural artifacts of the past, were built by "devotional volunteers"; for example, religious buildings and artifacts often were community efforts attended with great enthusiasm. Stonehenge, maybe, Cathedrals, there is even evidence that raising the Pyramids {designed to keep workers busy in the "off season" when they weren't needed for agriculture} was accompanied by enthusiasm and singing, not by whips as depicted in Hollywood epics.

MANY of the cultural artifacts of the past, WERE built by "Professionals" extremely proud of their work; Hellenistic and Roman engineers, Architects of all ages, makers of large-scale sculptures and Earth mounds, Masons, high-steel workers who built the original Chicago and Manhattan skyscrapers, etc. etc.

Some of these workers were enslaved, some were wage-"slaves", some were free contractors and businesspeople.... well-paid, poorly paid, or not paid, recognized or working anonymously.....
so everybody's right, and everybody's wrong. History isn't just one kind of cliche'.

Rich people were often the patrons and sponsors of the arts, but that doesn't deny that these artifacts ALSO could be Community Efforts, expressing a group's religious, cultural, nationalistic, or other "ideals". And that these sponsorships by the wealthy, DID enhance people's lives who weren't wealthy, including our own. Theater, Art, an interesting and usable Urban Environment, is potentially good for EVERYBODY.

The Rich people NOW, are getting out of hand, they want ALL Earth's resources for themselves, inside their gated communities, they know that Environmental Devastation and Disaster is REAL and they are trying to save themselves while the rest of us can go starve and die..... TITANIC is a parable for our times...... that's why it resonates so much.....
The Rich want to hog the few inadequate Life Rafts......
Apr 6, 2012 Barbara Tee commented on 2012.
Rick Santorum is the Stealth Candidate from Opus Dei. According to Seattle Gay News of March 30th, 2012. {I know this thread is about Mitt Romney; Romney and his Magic Mormon Underwear. I just thot I'd throw this in.}
Yes, that same Opus Dei so featured in "The Da Vinci Code" -- based on some legitimate and accurate research for the book.
Santorum, while a Senator, took a trip to Rome, paid for by Opus Dei, and accompanied by an Opus Dei priest. The occasion {which Senator Santorum described as "part of his official duties}, was the raising to Sainthood of Opus Dei's founder, Spanish priest Josemaria Escriva, who died in 1975. {Described as "The most blatant example of a politicized canonization in modern times".} Senator Santorum gave a speech on that occasion -- the transcript of which can be read -- in which he described himself as totally guided by "blessed" Josemaria Escriva's principles -- which can ONLY mean, Opus Dei principles.

Rick Santorum IS the Stealth Candidate from Opus Dei. NOT a Conspiracy Theory! but a REAL Conspiracy. Opus Dei meddles in the affairs of MANY countries where it has power -- especially Fascist Dictatorships. All this can be researched and is true. {Even if "The Da Vinci Code" is PART fiction.}
Apr 6, 2012 Barbara Tee commented on A Starbucks Boycott Backfires.
There is not a single RATIONAL reason to not support LGBTQ people in their fight for Equal Rights and Marriage Equality. That being Gay {and acting upon it!} is a "Sin", comes from the very old {St.Augustine} Catholic idea of "Original Sin", that "Sin" being that Eve ate the Apple, somehow making all Sex a "Sin", to be "paid for" by Death and Eternal Hellfire afterwards. Since the only path to avoid "Hellfire for Eternity" was to join and obey the Church, this gave the Church ENORMOUS political power - as long as uneducated peasants believed crappola like that. {The Church Hierarchy, of course, only SAID they believed it -- laughing all the way to the Medieval Bank!}
Any arguments against complete Equality in every respect, are merely faith-based and cannot be legitimately imposed on the VAST MAJORITY who don't believe that superstitious "Original Sin" nonsense any more. {Or imposed on them even if they were a minority -- which they are not!}