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Feb 6, 2012 Oni no Tenshi commented on Savage Love.
Super late to the game here, but hey, hair growth, lethargy, weight gain, all of these things sound a lot like PCOS- which can increase testosterone in a woman and make her grow hair in weird places and make her get apple fat. I know, I had it too.

Exercise and eating low-glycemic index foods has helped lower my testosterone levels, and so has some medications, but I'll probably always be a larger lady, albeit a pretty damn fit one since I exercise every day and watch my diet. The problem here is when your endocrine system decides to kick your ass, there's very little you can do about some of the appearance factors. You can mitigate the symptoms, but you'll never go back to how you were before until the doctors figure out what the hell PCOS is beyond just the group of symptoms that show up to give you the diagnosis.

I'm luckier than a friend of mine, though. She has such bad PCOS that she has a freaking BEARD.

As far as the husband is concerned, if he really isn't sexually attracted to her, he should tell her. I know I'd want my husband to tell me, so I could divorce his ass and go find someone who actually likes my body sexually. Seriously. I would much rather get it out in the open immediately (even though it would suck and hurt), than to find out later that he had infected me with HIV because he was sleeping around with skinny heroin addicts or something. Hell, I'd be pretty happy with just staying in a marriage and finding an exclusive sex partner out there somewhere and then not being sexual with one another. I need my sex at least once a day if possible. I would very much rather find someone with a similar sex drive who I can fluid bond with.
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Feb 6, 2012 Oni no Tenshi commented on Savage Love.
You know what? As a fat woman, I think that if my husband had a problem with my size, he SHOULD tell me the truth so that we could get a divorce and he could go off and enjoy all those people who want to be with him.

Honestly? I exercise every day, I have several medical problems that I am mitigating with dietary changes and medication. I am doing my damned best to be healthy and taking care of myself. But I will probably always be fat, and as gross as my "thyroid gut" might be, it's not going anywhere anytime soon unless my thyroid magically grows back.

I would much rather find some guy who was interested in my current body size (as it has stayed the same for over 5 years), than to stick around with some guy who wants me to change when I cannot. I can only imagine what this guy is going to do if his wife were to get wrinkles or gray hairs! OHNOES!

Seriously- I want someone who wants me for a lifetime. If I can't have that, I'd much rather invest my time and energy in my children, my friends, my family and all of those other people who actually give a damn if I exist.