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Feb 7, 2012 God's Girl joined My Stranger Face
Feb 7, 2012 God's Girl joined My Stranger Face
Feb 7, 2012 God's Girl commented on Church or Cult?.
Every church has it's problems. Even the apostle Paul had pastors and teachers go haywire on him. At Mars Hill and any other church.
Hang around long enough at any church and you'll see evidence that sin does exist, unfortunately even in the leadership.
You try to weed it out, but leaders still get into their positions and do damage before their stuff is caught.
This is why Jesus died. Sin exists.
It's easy to bash any church is we don't like the Christian religion.
Some Christians are just plain contentious.

I would be careful about believing everything you hear. I don't care what kind of paper documentation is provided. Paul Petry (the pastor who was fired) told me in front of my dad that my ex-husband never hit me and that I needed to repent and go back to my abusive (and lying) ex-husband. Paul Petry (who was fired) was spiritually abusive to me. So I hesitate to take his "witness" as face value. Be careful. Remember that only God has all the information.

This article confirms 1)sin exists (remember, Jesus died to save sinners,) and 2) churches have problems. Mark Driscoll might just be more vocal, and their policies might be a little over the top) but the church issas of sinners

P.s. If you're almost having sex with an old flame when you're a month away from getting married to the fiancé you are having sex with, like Andrew in the story above, and you're also lying to your premarital pastor and yelling him you're not having sex bit you're saying you're a conservative Christian, you better hope your church would speak up about it.

Again, these people may not be giving us all the information.