Feb 23 SandraL commented on Republican Congressman Dave Reichert Is Hiding from His Constituents.
Reichert is so far out of step with his district, it's ridiculous. He's still in office for 2 reasons:

1) He says one thing and votes another, and too many people in his district haven't been paying close attention. That's changing quickly, and the more he aligns himself with SCROTUS, the more obvious it'll become.

2) The Democrats have been running neoliberal, establishment-friendly candidates against him. An actual progressive would beat him hands-down in 2018.
Sep 16, 2016 SandraL commented on Fuck CNN For Giving Donald Trump Hours of Airtime For His Birther Statement.
@4 and @5 - There is zero evidence that Clinton or her campaign had any connection to the racist PUMA conspiracy theories about Obama. Clinton had nothing to do with it, just as Bernie Sanders has nothing whatsoever to do with some of the more reprehensible conspiracy theories espoused by Bernie-or-Buster extremists.

Trump actively encourages the vile bigots in his camp. Not so Clinton (or Sanders).
Sep 1, 2016 SandraL commented on An Open Letter From Erin Jones to The Stranger.
I shared the original Stranger story to alert my friends, but I wanted to wait for her response before I made a decision regarding whether to vote for her again. I was surprised that the Stranger then moved to withdraw their endorsement so quickly, without giving her time to respond.

Her response strikes me as genuine and heartfelt. This is how everybody should react upon being called out for discrimination, and genuine apologies are rare among politicians. Yes, there are those who won't forgive (which is probably part of the reason that proper apologies are so rare in politics - if you can't get the votes back, might as well double-down...unless, of course, you really ARE sorry). I don't demand perfection; the willingness and ability to listen, learn and grow are more realistic goals, and (in the position she's running for, at least) far more important.

Yes, she still has my vote.
Sep 25, 2014 SandraL commented on What the Hell Is Ello? And Why Is Everyone Suddenly Talking About It?.
I heard about Ello and sGrouples (another new social media site) at the same time. I'm not bothering with Ello at this point - any website that doesn't make privacy a priority from day one is not going to be any better than FB in the long run. sGrouples, on the other hand, has made privacy its primary selling point. They do plan to have ads in the future, but the idea is that they'll just let us choose the type of ads we want to see, rather than being all creepy and trying to figure it out based on our posts, likes, etc. I can respect that - they have to make money somehow.

I like the basic structure, although there's some rather crucial functionality that's missing at this point. (For example, you can create an open group, but there's no way for people to search for groups.) It also lets you read your FB newsfeed via their site and post to FB at the same time you post to sGrouples, which helps when most of your friends are still doing FB. (You don't get the FB notifications, sadly, otherwise I'd have no reason to use FB directly at all.)
Apr 29, 2014 SandraL commented on Today in Tunnel News: Our State Transportation Secretary Admits the Tunnel Might Never Get Finished At All.
The fact that Peterson sat there and told the truth actually makes me more optimistic for the project. That's not saying much at this point, granted, but it's something.
Feb 27, 2013 SandraL commented on In Which I Imagine Having A Sweet-Ass Rack.
Oh yes, the joys of having big boobs. Let's see...

-- Hard to find clothes that fit well or look as they're meant to. Clothing designers like flat-chested women.

-- Any weight gain will show immediately and be much more obvious. If you're big-chested and a little overweight, you'll look a lot overweight. If you're a lot overweight, you'll look enormous. Don't know how much this applies to fake ones, though.

-- Hope you're not a big fan of jogging. Or jumping. Or stairs.

-- Did I mention the back problems?
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Feb 8, 2012 SandraL joined My Stranger Face
Feb 8, 2012 SandraL joined My Stranger Face
Feb 8, 2012 SandraL commented on Liveblogging the Washington State House Debate and Vote on Gay Marriage.
Just a suggestion for future live blogs - it's really helpful to readers if the posts display in reverse chronological order (latest first).