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Jul 24, 2012 bi_and_i_know_it commented on Today in Traditional Marriage.
Oh the dumbfuckery is strong in this one.

First: "It turns out that this wasn't the first time a man broke into this couple's house and attempted to rape the wife while her husband was away". Okay, so the husband tried to do this before? That would be my first assumption. Sorry, but I think it's fairly rare that a stranger breaks into a house and rapes someone (not that it doesn't happen). When it happens twice you gotta think something is going on.

Second, did the man meet either one of them? What would be even more super-sucky is if the husband wasn't involved - just some sadist who knows the couples patterns and puts this together.

Think the rapist should go to jail for (1) being a rapist and (2) for being _that_ dumb. The husband should go to jail for a MUCH LONGER time for (1) arranging (multiple times I guess) the sexual assault of his wife and (2) being a generally sadistic (and not in the good way) human being.
May 15, 2012 bi_and_i_know_it commented on Writing Up HUMP! 2012 Announcement....
I'm with @36 - As a long time fan of all things Savage, I'd like this in San Francisco! It could even be a road show in major cities (although the selfish me just cares about SF :) )
May 12, 2012 bi_and_i_know_it commented on I Hope Tony Perkins Doesn't Pray to Jesus With That Mouth.
I wish they let Tony Perkins speak more and clarify his inconsistencies. Chris Matthews tried, but Frank kept interrupting. "Marriage is about procreation". "OKay, then why let infertile/old couple marry?". Then (this is key) WAIT FOR THE ANSWER. While it is fun to beat them up, pointing out inconsistencies is more helpful. There were so many opportunities to let Tony Perkins hang himself in that interview:

Perkins: "Allowing no-fault divorce has dramatically increased the divorce level". Follow up: Do you then support restricting divorce? Would you have prevented Newt Gingrich from getting divorced" (Wait for answer, and make him answer yes or no)

Perkins: "Studies show that children do better in a two parent environment". Follow up: "Please present the study that shows that. Has that study been peer reviewed? Does it specify mother/father, or does it say that two parents in a loving/stable household?

I loved the interaction between Franken and Thomas Minnery, and I think that is a much better way to do it than Barney Frank did. Just yelling doesn't make the other side listen. Forcing the other side to produce facts to support their position is the right way to go.

I agree with everything Barney Frank said, but the interview just came across as two sides shouting at each other. This was just preaching to the choir.
Apr 22, 2012 bi_and_i_know_it commented on I'm Not Leaving The House Today.
I think we need to look at each part of this video.

Production value isn't bad. Not big leagues, but good cuts, some synchronization of the dance. The choreography is definitely amateurish. For the production value, I wouldn't expect Glee.

The voice is flat, and I agree with @5, the harmonizing at 2:34 definitely needs work. Audacity has a nice pitch modifier you can use. Some notes are hard to hear.

On the tune- I must admit, I watch it this morning and the tune stuck in my head (the chorus anyway).

On the energy - she's definitely having fun. The cowboys seem to be enjoying the paycheck. More power to both her and the cowboys. I do music videos with my kids, and we do it more for fun. Sort of like being in a play - the players are having a lot more fun than the people watching it..

On the Jesus thing - yea, she definitely seems religious.

Which leads to the genuine criticism/issue with the video - the message. Basically, the messages are: (1) you need to control your man and to do this you need rules, just like high school (!) (2) looking at other women is okay as long as it isn’t too obvious. This would work if you man is, well, in high school and hasn’t learned this by being with a woman for more than 5 minutes in his life. That being said, half of country songs have this theme. See Shania Twain's "Any Man of Mine"…

All in all, fun to watch in a car-wreck sort of way.
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Feb 10, 2012 bi_and_i_know_it commented on SL Letter of the Day: Daddy Loves Who?.
I think the dad might have been singing (probably badly). Ever since I heard Obama sing Al Greens "I'm so in love with you", its been stuck in my head.

The dad sounds like he's doing everything right. I hope she gets the help she needs.