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Feb 14, 2012 iangarrett commented on Ten Things Theaters Need to Do Right Now to Save Themselves.
You had me until the graduate school comment.

I'm not saying I think people should go to graduate school. I am saying that I don't think it's anyone else's place to say wether another person should go to graduate school. There are as many reasons to go and many reason not to.

Referring to the comment above about meeting Erik Ehn, who went to graduate school. If you wanted to work directly with him now you're best chance would be graduate school at Brown. 5 years ago? Graduate School at CalArts.

I don't think Erik is a has been. There is a lot of faculty at a lot of schools that aren't. There are a lot of graduate programs worth enrolling in if you've got a reason that makes sense.

That being said there are a lot of crap programs with faculty who are not working much. There are definitely too many people going to graduate school and too many programs out there to meet the unnecessary demand. It's a boated market.

I went to graduate school, and I believe it was the right decision for me. My time spent there HAS led to me being more profitable, financially and artistically. And at all times i was out in the world, making theater on and off the campus. I didn't crawl under a rock and study for 3 years to emerge out of some debt cocoon. And no I didn't have anyone supporting me.

It's also worthwhile to point out that a number of colleges and graduate schools, because their mission is education and supporting experimentation and field advancement, are the presenters, producers and sources of funding for a lot of new work and the artists making new work.

Everything else, I'm with you all the way. But, this generalization that no one or everyone should go to graduate, or do anything really, is lazy thinking.