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Feb 15, 2012 kolluri joined My Stranger Face
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Feb 15, 2012 kolluri commented on Ten Things Theaters Need to Do Right Now to Save Themselves.
A lot of good points were brought up here in the main article and in the comments so I'll leave the line by line response out of my comment.

What I'd like to address is the oversight on the part of the writer to acknowledge that there are other options to help make theatre more viable. We can't just lower our standards of pay and raise our standards of product and then do all the same stuff we've been doing for hundreds of years . Audience participation has always been a part of the theatre... (even in Shakespeare) that's not a new idea. And it certainly wont save the theatre. The fact is the theatre is wasteful industry. Notice nowhere are ideas of creating effective systems to address the issues theatres face ever presented.

I think it is important to rethink the kind of art we make - yes, I agree. But, I think we need to work to be more relevant - a new piece about the plight of the working man may be effective for one community, but can we really discredit the power of Death of Salesman. Miller's acute diagnosis of the symptoms of being a worker veiled in the illusions of the American Dream may never be topped. It is our job to know which is going to find more draw in a particular community - in other words, we have to connect to the zeitgeist.

It is imperative to rethink HOW we make our work - no, I do not mean our artistic process. I mean the tools and instruments of our trade... it kills us. And until we sort out those issues we will be rearranging the same old stuff calling it more effective - all the while just maintaining the status quo.

You can look at the color pink and call it brown... and no matter how you yell about it, no matter how many people agree with you, no matter what you do, outside of actually changing the color in front of you into brown - it will always be pink.

All this said - you know your community better than I do - so if you really think the ideas you have proposed will make a difference - I'm all for that. But - maybe - just maybe you might admit that you're angry, unsettled and dissatisfied and that your manifesto for change is really just an idealization of how you want to do theatre by changing very little about how you currently do it.