Capitol Hill
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8:36 AM yesterday Seattlebcc commented on Mayor Calls Kshama Sawant's Suggestion that Seattle Police Block ICE "Irresponsible and Dangerous".
Kind of hard to serve multiple masters these days, isn't it? Who could have predicted such issues from arising, I do wonder?
Feb 16 Seattlebcc commented on Obamacare and Why Socialism Is Good For Business.
Interesting philosophies, but there are way too many assumptions here that cause the premise to collapse. I would have recommended going to interview a Harboview ER doc to get some stats of those daily visits that were necessary and required emergency care vs. people just using the system because they wanted attention, or were mentally ill and had no place else to go - just to get a baseline. If one in five payers into the system are small business owners that still leaves 4 of 5 average taxpayers on the hook for everyone else, and lets face it, the way small businesses open and close in this town (especially eateries), its hard to tell the square dancers from the dance anymore. Obamacare needs revamping and the ones gripping the most are the one who are quite happy leading their current lifestyles knowing that subsidized heathcare is in their future - while the really infirm and especially the aged get barely anything in the way of quality healthcare. Its a crying shame in this country where an obese 40 year old man or woman can eat pizza and drink beer and bourbon like a college freshman watching the StupidBowl can get quality taxpayer subsidized heathcare, but an 70, 80 or 90 year old, alone in a rest home gets a non-english speaking, 20-something aide more interested in her selfies and Facebook than notice the bed sores and infections on their bodies. Just remember that one day this will be you and you can look back fondly on is article and promote the current state of wonderful socialized healthcare.
Feb 15 Seattlebcc commented on The Morning News: Two Mercer Island Lawsuits—One's Suing SPD, the Other's...Trying to Block Light Rail!?.
Really? A law suit that blocks an open stream of the the average, drug addled, homeless, gang affiliated, immigrant schmos of the inner-city, willy-nilly into our high-dollar, high-home valued neighborhoods? "Shirley, you must be kidding, this aint The Bronx of New York! This is Mercer Island, the gateway to Medina"!
Feb 15 Seattlebcc commented on UPDATED: In Seattle, Feds Arrest 23-Year-Old Mexican Immigrant Who's Part of Obama's "Dreamer" Program.
Cantwell and Murray at a Senate Coffee Shop:
Murray: "d'oh! Can you believe those fucktards in Washington. Now we have to go out and earn our paychecks and health benefits!
Cantwell: "whoa!, whoa!, whoa! there "soccer mom of the year!" We got a new minion who can do our dirty work and her name is Pramila Jayapal". "She does the "demanding" work, and we ride the coat-tails of feminine, tenured success. Who's gonna question an immigrant legislator on immigrant rights"?
Murray: "ooooooo- smart!" (Tapping cardboard coffee cups together in celebration")
Murray: "Dont forget we need to "look into the situation" of when we're flying into Hooterville to pick up our checks, how about this time I go to Boeing and Amazon and you take JBLM and Microsoft"
Cantwell: "Ok- Who doesn't love a man in uniform"?
Cue in "Sex in the City" theme music.
Feb 14 Seattlebcc commented on I, Anonymous: You've Changed.
Seattle, Seattle, The grand, emerald city
A city that used to be cool but is now oh so shitty,
full of hipsters, techies, homeless and streets full of potholes,
And sidewalks of vomit, dog crap and homeless bedrolls.
It had its uniqueness; It had its dirge-like grunge
It had its really cool architecture that covered really good art
now replaced by cookie-cutter condos, the shade? hunter green shart!
Its downfall you see, that was really quite subtle
And I'm quite sure will inspire a big-paycheck rebuttal
It started with Katrina, The Bushs and the FEMA
who needed to relocate New Orleans from their water-logged arena.
More and more the money-movers came,
In trucks and trailers; sizes not all the same.
They came to live the city's critical acclaim.
The watchers of "Frasier", the healthy, the maimed.
And the nations pot-heads, with no money and no shame.
The investors and developers; They gleefully appeared.
"The middle and working class will get affordable housing" they all dutifully cheered
(While really, and quite slowly those poor folk just got it in the rear).
The city's authoritative leadership were all giddy and happy
with new rapid growth in their money-hungry eyes!
"Let's levy them and tax them, and nickel and dime them bone dry"!
What are they gonna do? Just protest and cry-
We'll bulldoze the character
All property we'll buy
We'll jack up the rents
We'll screw renters sky-high.
Now we prorest and lament a new president
Because tax-payer patronage coming to the end
For liberals, dissidents and illegal residents.
Come one, come all to grand Seattle social proper,
Because Im tired of working like a dog just to live like a pauper!
Feb 14 Seattlebcc commented on Interview: John Waters' Idea of a Fun Date is "Watching Riots Against Trump.".
"Infiltrate and fight from the inside"? That is so anti-Stranger thinking inst it? I mean I just dont see syndicated columnist Dan Savage risking chewing off his own tongue to back anyone suspected of being aligned with Trump - and not unintentionally blowing the whole show in the process (pardon the parlance). That would be "anti-progressive" wouldnt it?
Feb 11 Seattlebcc commented on New National Poll Says Americans are Just About Ready to Impeach Trump.
Keep praying for miracles and maybe alternative facts like the existence of unicorns actually may come true as well! Liberal fantasies crack me up!…
Feb 10 Seattlebcc commented on Every Single Republican Member of Congress from Washington State Is Hiding From His or Her Constituents.
Maria Who? Patty What? I imagine they'll be around soon to pay a visit to Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing and JBLM and pick up their checks! Let me know how the next reelection goes. As one of the many working class here in exodus out of Seattle and Washington State, I leave it to all the wealthy here to pay their dine-and-dash ways from now on!
Feb 10 Seattlebcc commented on Appeals Court Refuses to Reinstate Trump's Travel Ban, Upholding Seattle Judge’s Ruling.
I love how people believe and act so superior in Washington State when they believe they have won something. Too bad, that they never really or truely think events out to their logical conclusions or the ultimate harm the future can hold on both sides of the equation. But this is what happens when liberal social justice warriors rush in where fools fear to tread and do their jobs half-assed and poorly planned.
Feb 9 Seattlebcc commented on Republican Congressman Dave Reichert Is Hiding from His Constituents.
He's learning well from Maria and Patty! "We'll just quietly vote when needed and then run home for re-election money when the time comes"!