Capitol Hill
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4:38 AM yesterday Seattlebcc commented on I, Anonymous.
"Im not a horrible person, I just went through your texts". "My spidey-sense was tingling, but I still messed around with you anyway". The true mind of a strong woman of compassionate feminist means. "Bates, Norman Bates, party of two, your table is ready"!
Aug 18 Seattlebcc commented on Hotter Than Any Other July On Record.
When I was a kid we used to call the hot time of the year "summer". BBQs, late, lazy nights watching natures firefly-lit shows over southern summer greenery. The sounds of radio shows and laughter of reminiscing adults talking about simpler times on front porches and in back yards. At least I can remember and ponder those times and say I enjoyed them before Earth goes by way of Mars.
Aug 18 Seattlebcc commented on I, Anonymous.
(overhead speaker announcement) "Attention superior feminist shoppers. Come visit the pet adoption center for one or ten of our beautiful felines up for adoption. We have a wide selection of Black, White, Black and White and even a few Calico kitties. Adopt three of more today and win enter to win a life time supply of kibble for all your hungry kiddies. Offer expires at age 40, so enter now! And thank you for shopping at Cat-Lady Emporium and we hope we can meet all you post-menapausal misandrist shopping needs".
Aug 16 Seattlebcc commented on Council Passes "Grand Bargain" Legislation to Require Affordable Housing in New Apartment Buildings.
You cant make bargains with the Devil when you've already sold your soul to him year-after-year-after year. You may recognize some of the political faces in these pictures. I cant tell if they're democrats of just republicans in democrats clothing-
2013 -…
And this
2014 -…
2015 -…
And this
2015 -…
And this
2015 -…
And this
2016 -…
And this....
2017 -
And this
Aug 15 Seattlebcc commented on Bill Bryant Finally Says He Won't Vote for Trump.
Im liking Evan McMullin as he is very clear in setting his agenda and getting his ideas across.…
Aug 15 Seattlebcc commented on Protesters Shout "Fuck You" and "You're All Racists" as Council Members Move Ahead With New Police Station.
Maybe that new "community oversight" committee can assist!
Aug 14 Seattlebcc commented on The Only Thing Sausage Party Says: “I Can Say What I Want”.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmm - First Amendment - I meant - Mmmmmmmmmmm sausage!
Aug 13 Seattlebcc commented on Here's the Law That Would Radically Strengthen Civilian Oversight of Seattle Police.
As an addendum, I find odd that these situations should occour and is becoming more prevelant mere blocks from the East Precinct and that "Civilian Oversight" is somehow going to improve the situation:……
Aug 13 Seattlebcc commented on Here's the Law That Would Radically Strengthen Civilian Oversight of Seattle Police.
I would like these folks to don the uniform and go out on a few midnight shifts in the central core to see how the job is done, otherwise, "Civilian Oversight" is nothing more than middle-manger oversight as in a corporate setting with no "real life" experience except the subjective perspective. This in turn will throw more tax-payer money out the window while creating an increased police shortage as those who risk their lives on the street, day in and day out, wont want the hassle of serving civilian bureaucrats warming chairs in a conference room. Why? Most likely because any officer with his salt will know all they will be doing is risking their lives and beating their heads against the wall of political correctness.
Aug 11 Seattlebcc commented on As Rich Republicans Gather in Cleveland, a March to End Poverty Decries American Greed.
LOL - its kind of like the Super Rich Democrats of Medina, decrying poverty when POTUS comes to town, isn't it?