Capitol Hill
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6:57 AM Seattlebcc commented on More Buyouts and Possible Layoffs Are Coming to the Seattle Times.
Yay! That "Hope" and "Progress" liberals have been going on about for the last eight years is yet again paying off! Maybe Patty or Maria can help save those jobs ----- or not! Well at least Seattle will have another homeless squatter building for the minimum wage set to live in! GO HAWKS!
5:26 PM yesterday Seattlebcc commented on Twenty Years of Tini Bigs.
We'll miss you Tini's. I was there when you opened and enjoyed many a Gibson with my Dunhills! But alas, Im out of this state too. I guess the nouveau riche techie hipsters will have to make their own now! Best wishes and thanks for the great times!
6:21 AM yesterday Seattlebcc commented on Dan Savage's Open Letter to Paul Allen on Lidding I-5, Righting a Wrong, and Leaving a Legacy.
.......and dont forget to wear a condom, right Dan?
Nov 30 Seattlebcc commented on Six Tips for Protesting Against Hate.
I like hate. It is a natural opposite of love and love cant exist without hate. Hate helps us survive in battle, hate keeps adrenline flowing and allows us to act where fear will not and hate is as essential to the species as any of the other spectrum of emotions that are part of our nature. If we get rid of hate, then we should dispose of all emotions and become "vulcan-like". Id be on-board with that option as long as education and knowledge were the primary free alternative.
Nov 24 Seattlebcc commented on How to Have the Worst Thanksgiving Ever (On Purpose).
The Dow jumps, society is oddly more confident, and the world hasnt ended - yet it has for the liberal nay-sayers and now they have nothing left to contribute except, maybe, "the wallow" factor. Im alone, told the stress-magnets of political family and friends, "no thank you" this year, and I feel great. Happy Thanksgiving "The Stranger" staff! and in the "prophetic" and immortal words of Margo Channing, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy four-years.”
Nov 22 Seattlebcc commented on Skip the Family Drama and the Dirty Dishes and Just Dine Out on Thanksgiving.
Maybe Susan Del Bene and all those many, many protesters who do have families can host those immigrants without this year and really show solidarity for the cause!
Nov 21 Seattlebcc commented on I, Anonymous.
Don't cry for me Miley Cyrus
The truth is I'm richer than you
All through my mild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Now Please keep your distance!
Nov 21 Seattlebcc commented on WA Rep. Suzan DelBene Introduces Bill to Ban Registration Based on Religion.
How about a bill for better wages, how about a bill for a cap on rents, how about a bill for decent medical care that doesn't force people into bankruptcy. Oh yeah, that's right- we need a bill for something that doesn't exist! Must be part of the "hope" and "progressive thinking" that cost liberals the presidency and both houses of Congress!
Nov 16 Seattlebcc commented on I, Anonymous.
This is what happens when microcosm communities cant agree on anything but having a novelty female president who,will work hard for "Women, Children and Families" and leave men out of the picture, particularly if they happen to be the "demonized white "entitled" man that is actually holding down a stagnated job and contributing to the system - unlike - say student protesters. They'll quietly take the biased media stories that white men are somehow all misogynists, while women claim to be the victim and yet publicly bash men without remorse, thank you Megan Kelly. They'll quietly take the biased media stories that white men are somehow all racist, while the black community kills their own because they was "bein' dis-a-spected" and then tries to justify the problem by killing cops in retaliation for a minority that were media-hyped. They'll quietly take the biased media stories that white men are somehow all xenophohobic, while hispanic female undocumented students self-exploit themselves and claim to be afraid while getting financial help to go to school while the homeless US white male population between 18 - 40 increases because they arent given the same opportunity as they dont fit into a minority. And after its all said and done, we'll quietly wait and we'll cast that vote because that is democracy. Democrats had their eight years and people are worse off now than the prior eight, or sixteen and if the Republicans cant get this fixed in four with full control of both houses, then they wont have jobs in 2020. This isnt some quirk; most of the electorate went red, that is a big reality to what the media has been saying for the last eight years and it isnt a mistake. Now is the time to be adults and stop whining and get out of our way while we try to rebuild this nation and make it into something besides a country full of whiners who didnt get their way. If people were truly smart they'd figure a way around this and make it work for the benefit of all, not just themselves.