Capitol Hill
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7:46 AM yesterday Seattlebcc commented on New, Groundbreaking Study Reveals That Seattle Is the Most Hipster U.S. City of All.
Yet another confirmation to "RUN! FORREST! RUN! Run for another state and let the hipsters pay the high rent, cost of food, cost of living and tax obligations! I know I am!
Jul 26 Seattlebcc commented on New Column!.
Wow - i just learned what to call a poorly constructed "Decision tree" - a "flow chart"! Maybe the author should be running for president.
Jul 26 Seattlebcc commented on I, Anonymous.
Sounds like it might have been Hillary Clinton!
Jul 19 Seattlebcc commented on I, Anonymous.
I gotta give credit where credit is due. When people in desperate situations recognize you and thank you for your kindness, its nice to know one isnt alone working discreetly on the front lines. A real angel isnt always seen but is always felt when they leave their mark.
Jul 19 Seattlebcc commented on Dan Savage on Jill Stein: Just No..
Ive decided to "learn to ignore the bullshit in the Stranger about political people", and inform myself about what politicians stand for and follow the money that backs their continued seats of power no matter what party they belong to these days because really its the same shit, just a different animal anyway.
Jul 12 Seattlebcc commented on I, Anonymous.
Well to be hinest, it isnt as if one only sees that kind of thing on the E-Line at 1am. Try Downtown, Saturday afternoon at high noon, or lower Queen Anne on a Monday at 7:30 am, or Ballard on a Wednesday at 5:00 pm, and Capitol Hill - well thats 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 a year. Frankly, its another sign that this city has gone down the crapper and as long as ones acting like they're in the crapper while in the eye of the general public, one cant be too astounded when they end up on YouTube, Facebook or any other mind-numbing social media site that is hypocritically used by those critics and empowers that behavior. After all, it isnt like the hypocritical in this town aren't constantly photographing cops doing their jobs an effort to try to get some kind of dirt on them and get famous on the news - and they are just doing their job, so why should anyone be treated any differently?
Jul 6 Seattlebcc commented on I, Anonymous.
You know, I think its kind of cool to be both born and die on the same month and day. I believe what I like about this isnt just the clear cluelessness that technology has created for its users, which the poster clearly pointed out. I like that it clearly goes to show how we cant cope with the concept of death. Oh sure, we can see the train wrecks of violence on TV and film - but that happens to someone else. We can mourn or pretend to "Celebrate" ones life as if its a bar mitzva or retirement party, but since most people lack any faith beyond their own clueless ass, it pretty much creates an open wound reminder of what awaits them when that last struggling breath is taken. I, myself have been there and have been fortunate enough to have been revived from the experience, so I have a personal context to speak from and believe me, the method of death is not as important as the method of a life well lived. I remember my dead friends frequently and fondly because - heck - they were - and always will be my friends. Instead of looking at this as an insult think of it as reminder of your friend, give them a private little chat, heck take that one step and post a "Happy Birthday, I hope you're doing great in the next level" or something fun and for Godsake, get a little faith in something besides your own little controlled world.
Jun 30 Seattlebcc commented on Light Rail and Urbanism for Seattle's Rich.
Well gee whiz, kids, we followed the "Stranger Election Guide" every election! Some for over a decade. And funny enough, the winners are your candidates and initiaves. Are you telling us now, that The Stanger is some how wrong by voting for the people and initiatives that your magazine backed? PS (I never aligned myself with the obvious cluelessness of The Strangers Election Guide- but it was cute).
Jun 29 Seattlebcc commented on I, Anonymous.
I love "Thrill Killers" response. They sure are here to stay. The funny thing is, after they've run the decent "working" tax-paying people out of this state for cheaper costs of living and less hassles (as they are now), THEY will be paying the higher and higher tax rates to keep their little playground going. As they get older and older and get more and more clueless looking for strip clubs, the local over-inflated property values will make it nearly impossible to start a family here because THEY wont be able to afford it on their stagnated salaries - and they will stagnate. If there is one thing I've seen with greed since 2009 its that those at the top are rarely sated and as the working middle class will be gone or simply has no more money to feed the greedy monsters of business and government, who will be next? Ah yes, the major economic force that will earn more - for now, live in better buildings that will fall apart quicker because of contractor cuts, be the targets of higher crime for their wallets will be fuller and be the first to go down with their burning effigies when economic and societal unrest hits a fevered pitch into revolution and hits their shinny towers. I say enjoy it now "Bros (and Gals)", because you have no conceivable idea of the future that awaits you and the sad, pathetic imperious herd of humanity that you so proudly stand with publicly. The prevalent arrogance and lack of understanding to the nature of your own species, your own history and simple bliness to the current events of world will be a slap in the face so hard it will take you a month to find your noses.
Jun 22 Seattlebcc commented on I, Anonymous.
What you should have done is taken out your phone, snapped his picture (close up) and reported him or (insert imaginative retaliation here). Like gun ownership, race and gender equality, obnoxious-self-centered-technology-usage, dog ownership/owners who dont pick up their pets crap and other societal perspectives, it all works both ways and anyone who disagrees is a hypocrite.