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Feb 16, 2016 Cabusi commented on New Head of Kinsey Institute: "I think human sexuality must be viewed in the context of relationships.".
Statement from the Kinsey Institute facebook page:

"Since 1947, the Kinsey Institute has been unwavering in its commitment to studying sexuality in all diverse forms. Though Dr Carter’s research focuses on the biology of love, the Institute’s agenda remains varied and inclusive of human sexuality in all contexts."

Nov 30, 2012 Cabusi commented on The Ugly History of Cooking.
This is the most illogical argument ever. Some women are/were forced to cook so no one can enjoy it? Some women are forced to have sex, too. Soooo according to this logic, sex is bad too??
Jun 22, 2012 Cabusi commented on Cover Up.
I can't believe I didn't know it was legal for me to topless swim/sunbathe. I feel like I've been missing out for all these years.

May 14, 2012 Cabusi commented on The Selfish Gene Goes to War.
Dear Charles,
I am an evolutionary biologist.
You have clearly never read The Selfish Gene or you would not have written this review. You particularly wouldn't have written this line:
"Why, if we are such selfish individuals, does altruism exist in the animal world?"

The Selfish Gene is about gene's that are "selfish" not individuals who are selfish and still is the theoretical basis of most behavioral biology.

There are lots of other science problems with your review. Read an intro to animal behavior.

May 1, 2012 Cabusi commented on Testaments Old & New.
this is probably why we should stop trying to justify actions based on the bible. it has good stuff and bad stuff in it, true....but how about we all just use our brains. i think we all know how to be a nice person without a book.
Apr 30, 2012 Cabusi commented on All Religion Is Bullshit.
I like this.
Apr 6, 2012 Cabusi commented on I, Anonymous.
right on, @19

Mar 31, 2012 Cabusi commented on I, Anonymous.
I'm happy you're still with us, i,anon!!
Mar 14, 2012 Cabusi answered a bunch of weird questions about himself or herself.
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