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Feb 29, 2012 Black Power White Power commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
Black people are dependent on white people for their survival and progress, whether it's in Africa, Haiti, or the United States. So any movement that wants more for black people always ends up hurting white people.

And the main way to make black people look good is to blame all black people's failures on white people.

And when given more freedom and power, black people frequently use it to attack white people.

So pro-black movements usually end up being anti-white.
Feb 28, 2012 Black Power White Power commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
But don't forget that the reason for the link between race and crime doesn't matter when you are walking down the street and see someone. The link still exists whatever the reason, so you still need to be more careful around black people than you do around white people.
Feb 28, 2012 Black Power White Power commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
"Correlation does not equal causality.

Try that on for size, you f****** grouchy racists."

Correlation does equal either causality (in unknown direction, and perhaps indirectly), causality from a third factor, or coincidence. Fortunately you can easily calculate the chance of something being a coincidence. And with a large enough sample size, the chance of a coincidence is tiny enough to ignore.

So if you don't think that race causes crime, that means you think that crime causes race, or that something else causes both crime and race, or that it's an amazingly improbable fluke coincidence.

I guess you must be thinking that crime causes race. Maybe I should go out and commit some crime and watch my face change shape, my hair change its texture, my bones change their density, and my skin change colour.
Feb 28, 2012 Black Power White Power commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
"any poverty-crime link is b/c crime & poverty both correlate with IQ."

It's partly that. I think maybe it's also partly other genetic personality characteristics (eg. agression) that cause both crime and poverty, although perhaps only when combined with low IQ.

And of course, crime is one of the main causes of poverty. Businesses don't want to set up in high crime areas, and fail when they do. They don't want to hire criminals either. And the saying "crime doesn't pay" is actually true. I think most drug dealers make less than they would working any honest job.
Feb 27, 2012 Black Power White Power commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
You can tell they're different people because they write differently.

"The questioner" never capitalises the start of sentences.

Stephen74's posts don't directly address the content of the article, but more the general theme and feeling of it.

"sealous" has strange line breaks in the middle of sentences and has about one paragraph per post.

"unamusementpark" (aka Unamused) who wrote the flyer and the website this article mentions, writes well and with perfect formatting, but can't resist adding pictures of kittens (or gratuitous french girls or slutty fairies).

And I write lots of long comments directly addressing parts of the article or other comments, but censoring the article's swearing. And I use paragraph breaks and capitals.

David Hollister writes a lot like me, but with lots of precise numbers and dates, rather than my tendency to only remember the general trend of the figures and forget the figures themselves.

"Pithy Name" calls everyone trolls and sockpuppets (incorrectly) to avoid addressing their irrefutable arguments, but knows how to use capitals, unlike danceofdays and jamaican-suppremecist.

"danceofdays" ignored the whole racism angle unlike everyone else.

And lastly, "jamaican-suppremecist" actually addressed our comments (but badly and with no capitals) unlike everyone else, and attacked both sides.

So they are clearly all different people.
Feb 27, 2012 Black Power White Power commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
"We've come a long way, but Jesus Christ, man, right here in Seattle, three hours ago, we found out there's still some wacky s*** going on."

You have come a very long way. The president of your white Western country is now a half-Kenyan from Indonesia. The immigration system is now dedicated to supporting non-white invaders, and reducing US Americans to a minority in their own country. And every educational, media, corporate or government institution has uplifting black people and suppressing white people as their primary goal.

But don't forget how you came so far. It wasn't by fixing any of the problems with black people or Mexicans or creating any peace and racial harmony. You succeeded only through violence, intimidation, silencing your critics, and taking over the system.

So it shouldn't suprise you that the statistics about black crime (and other disfunction) are still there, and a few brave intelligent people risk their safety and careers to get the truth out.

The only ways you can stop race realist "wacky s***" from "going on" forever are to actually stop black people from committing so much more crime, to stop black people from performing one standard deviation worse on all academic assesments, to stop black people from being hired and promoted ahead of more qualified people, to stop black people from abusing the welfare system, to stop black people from attacking white people, etc.
Feb 27, 2012 Black Power White Power commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
"in the sense that my book has no agenda"
Your book has a very obvious agenda of promoting and celebrating black violence and threats of violence against the white society that uplifts and supports them.

"There's a book called The Shadow of the Panther by Hugh Pearson. He's black. I don't know him, but it's obvious from reading his book that he decided the Black Panthers were bad guys and he was going to write a detailed but very biased history."

The Black Panthers were bad guys, and it's impossible not to notice that when you're writing a detailed history of them. In general detailed histories are more informative and accurate than informal chats with your friends about their music while ignoring the events. And Black people can get away with telling the truth about Black people, but white people are forced to tell politically correct lies.

Feb 25, 2012 Black Power White Power commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
"i like how all the commenters, the writer and subject of this article totally skirted around white privilege."

That's because white privilege is genetic. The genes for planning ahead, self-control, saving for the winter, looking after your children, monogamy, and building things, only evolved in harsh winter climates where they were needed. Those genes are what make white people (and North East Asians) successful. White people would like to share that privilege with other races, but they can't do that until they perfect genetic engineering. All their attempts to share the privilege some other way have failed spectacularly.

"yeah, no black people give a f*** about our history because we don't have 10 grand to blow on records."

No, black people usually don't care about their history, because: 1. Their history is embarassingly bad, destructive, and full of violent thugs (such as the Black Power movement). 2. They rarely care about studying and learning anything. 3. They have high present-time orientation. 4. They don't feel white guilt or the need to demonstrate their moral superiority like white people do.

The reason they don't usually have $10,000 to spend on research is because without the white privilige of useful genes, they have few marketable skills to make money from, and often no financial sense to spend money wisely or save it.

If you're a Jamaican Supremacist, how do you explain that most people (including you) don't want to live around Jamaicans or in Jamaica? And why Jamaicans are so unsuccessful compared to other races?
Feb 24, 2012 Black Power White Power commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
"'February is Black History Month, why do they need that?'"... obviously they only need it because black people's achievements in actual history are so hard to find, that black history would otherwise never get noticed.

"Then sarcastically saying, 'Well, they picked the shortest month, so obviously that's all they're worthy of.'"

If you actually read the article Thomas is referring to (…) you will notice that while it is heavy on sarcastic humor, it as actually a very long and detailed look at why black people have a lot less than a month of history worthy of celebrating. And how most of that history is made up.

And one of the commenters there pointed out that the more successful of their celebrated "heroes", like Dr. Daniel Hale Williams and Dr. Charles Drew, are as white as snow (do a Google image search).

The article also has cute kittens.
Feb 24, 2012 Black Power White Power commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
"What's interesting about it is it's not vehement hate,"... I wish I could return the compliment, but the black power movement, and anti-racism activists, are all about vehement hate, violence, and censorship.

"It's couched in this quasi-intellectual thing,"... there's nothing "quasi-" about it. They have intellectual arguments, you do not. Compare their commenters with yours and the difference is very clear.

"like whites are superior to blacks"... In terms of crime, on average they are. That's an objective statistical fact. In terms of academic performance, they are too. That's another objective statistical fact. Both those undeniable facts are extremely relevent to social policy.

Black people are superior in terms of running fast, and resistance to osteoporosis, skin cancer, and malaria. Unfortunately their superorities aren't relevant outside Africa.

"it's been proven by science."... It has been. The crime leaflet was actually proven by statistics, but there is also proof of it through science. Science shows crime tendencies are largely genetic. And that black people and white people come from different gene pools that evolved seperately for tens of thousands of years to suit different environments.