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Feb 17, 2012 Aint no assisi joined My Stranger Face
Feb 17, 2012 Aint no assisi commented on Mass Uprising.
As a cradle catholic and as someone who works for the church, I have to laugh when I read an article like this. Nothing makes the RC church look worse than the imbeciles who run it. These men are drunk on power and clericalism. The real Catholics are out there serving others quietly and unselfishly. Many of these real Catholics attend church, support it financially yet believe in marriage equality and use contraceptives. I know many a good priest who roles his eyes when he gets "handed" something to read to his congregation. Such things are a joke and completely out of touch with thte sense of the faithful.

Despite their incompetence and sinfulness, I refuse to let these jokers hijack my religion. I don't worship them, I believe in a god who loves everyone regardless of who they love.. As the good books says, God created it all good.

Even Dominic, the author, saw the good those nuns taught him. There was and still is good there, sadly, many of the same men who covered up abuse are now lecturing us about marriage and contraceptives? WTF?

I won't let them take this faith from me. Gay, straight, bi, vegetarian, you name it- we are one.