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Feb 20, 2012 actionattack commented on Church or Cult?.
This article is like a man on the street jumping into the middle of a symphony and telling the oboe player how to play his oboe .... like, dude, why do you care?

Brendan you have made it clear you hate this man and his church. Every point in the article highlight the most negative aspects.

What happened to journalistic integrity and being impartial? The axe that you have to grind is so obvious. LOL
Feb 20, 2012 actionattack joined My Stranger Face
Feb 20, 2012 actionattack commented on Mars Hill Responds.
Apparently Brendan is great at writing but not so pro on reading. That Mars Hill article addressed all the issues he brought up.

Derp da der... let me go dig up some other reasons to be butt hurt.