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Nov 16 Velvetbabe commented on Hey, Gun Grabbers! Let's Grab Steve King's Gun!.

@20/Teckel ... We are waiting for you to explain the plan for widespread gun ownership such as we have here in the States and specifically how this would have prevented the atrocities visited upon Paris.

More importantly, paint the big picture for all of us silly liberals. There are 7.3 billion people in the world at present. Approx 1.5 billions are minors. So let's call that 5.5 billion adults. How many do you want to see armed? And how many weapons should we all own, each? Will this cause less violence and mayhem, do you think?

Nov 13 Velvetbabe commented on Terrorists Attack in Paris.

For fuck's sake let's not politicize this just yet, 'kay? It's a sickening, needless tragedy perpetrated on ordinary people enjoying themselves on a Friday night in Paris. Disgusting.

Nov 12 Velvetbabe commented on Models to Feel Bad For.

Putting aside for a moment the fact that there is a certain percentage of men who will indeed find this woman hot. Their dream girl, in fact.

Nov 12 Velvetbabe commented on Models to Feel Bad For.

The plus sized model ... I always wonder about how you cast for this. Do you tell the women, okay, look, the ad is all about how exceptionally hideous and undesirable you are to men, which we all agree upon, right? So put this on and pose like you don't know you're being denigrated, or that we're all repulsed by you.

Nov 10 Velvetbabe commented on Required Viewing: Maddow On "Kill the Gays" Pastor and the GOP Candidates Who Love Him.

And since those icky oozing sores are SO GROSS, why don't we call for the hastened deaths of those rendered bed-ridden due to ALS, cancer, stroke, etc., who develop bed sores?

This pastor would say the homos brought the plague and resulting sores onto themselves ie that it was "their fault" due to their "lifestyle".

But what about the "lifestyle" of the smokers who get lung cancer? The sedentary folks with bad diets who have heart attacks and/or suffer strokes? Aren't we all carving happy faces into THEIR sores by comforting them, rather than blaming them for their illnesses?

Nov 10 Velvetbabe commented on Required Viewing: Maddow On "Kill the Gays" Pastor and the GOP Candidates Who Love Him.

How about we come up with a Democratic presidential candidate, or three, all of whom speak at a rally in which the keynote guy calls for - aches, pines, screeches and stomps around a stage for - the death of each and every American religious fundamentalist? Unless they "repent"?
Nov 10 Velvetbabe commented on Required Viewing: Maddow On "Kill the Gays" Pastor and the GOP Candidates Who Love Him.
A genuinely disgusting, unnerving and infuriating video.

For a non white (Jindal - probably the only one there), especially, to stand by when this shit is said - is in fact shouted at the top of lungs - and by Jindal's very presence tacitly offer it his support, when so many in that (I'm betting) undoubtedly 100% lilly-white crowd would just as easily like to take out the non-whites - every damn one of 'em - along with the homos ... I just don't get that.

Dude, you think the thoughtful, kindly folks who shot up out of their seats and gave the pastor a standing O, as clearly seen in the video, exactly at the moment when the guy screamed for the death of gays, wouldn't then immediately want to ALSO throw your brown skinned ass off that cliff just as fucking fast? You don't think you, and your non-white wife and kids, wouldn't be next?

Nov 1 Velvetbabe commented on Bill Maher on Halloween Scolds.

Maher is frustrating because he can be so right and smart about something, and within the very same show, say something so irritatingly asshole-ic and blind to his own wealthy-male-privilege that it makes me wanna scream. This episode began with him reading from Canada's citizenship guide which specifies that the country does not tolerate "barbaric practices such as spousal abuse, honor killings, female genital mutilation, or forced marriage." Good for Canada and good for Bill for bringing this up and agreeing that these things are barbaric.

Yet this same enlightened man ends the show, during his interview with David Spade, by comparing his and David's "plight" in only dating much younger women, with the plight of gay and trans folks. Bill says WITH A STRAIGHT FACE that no one would applaud middle aged men like he and David for exclusively dating young women like they would if Bill stood up at age 60 and said he was gay. Really Bill? Seriously? You think those two "plights" compare? What exactly about a 60 year old guy with somebody young enough to be his granddaughter would or should warrant applause? How does this involve bravery vs the bravery/risk it can STILL take/involve for someone to come out? And no one on the panel, 2 out of 3 of which were white middle aged men, groaned, nor did anyone in the crowd. Not a peep.

Nov 1 Velvetbabe commented on New Report Confirms That the Restaurant Industry Is Plagued by Racial and Gender Disparity.

I wonder how Comet comes out in this? Are they an offender or are they one of the good guys? Are there *any* good guys in the restaurant biz?
Oct 23 Velvetbabe commented on Lincoln Chafee Ends His Bid For the Democratic Nominazzzzz.

It's a great shame if you actually watch what this funny little man has to say, that he's not a front runner. I'm astonished that a politician would actually talk about peace and denounce war mongering to this degree. He's so fucking right about 'Nam and the idiotic chest beating reasons that we sometimes go to war, and how tragic and entirely needless it is. How long did 'Nam last, and how many lives on both sides? And what exactly did it accomplish? Anyone? I don't know if this is his standard stump speech, or if he only spoke about peace because of the room full of women. Either way, the dude seems humble and sincere. He's a politician, I know, but still, this message is so ridiculously sorely needed, it's a damn shame the guy polled at zero.