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Apr 10 Velvetbabe commented on Why Did 100 People Camp for 24 Hours in a Chick-fil-A Parking Lot in Bellevue?.

17 - OMG, Susan, yours is the only sane comment in this thread. Yes, please DO bring and make the fuck out with your wife ALL over this restaurant. Hell, I'm straight, but I might just gab and fondle the first girl I see.

Have people on here forgotten this chain's putrid anti-gay marriage stance just a couple of years ago? Are your attention spans that short?

Is this not The Stranger I'm reading?

Apr 6 Velvetbabe commented on The GOP Nom: Future Clown Car Occupant Coming to Town.
"To wit", not "to whit". Ugh.
Apr 6 Velvetbabe commented on The GOP Nom: Future Clown Car Occupant Coming to Town.

April 20th is Hitler's birthday. I know this because it's my birthday. Those of us born on this date are well aware of what a awful, shithole day it is to be born, by virtue of the absolute litany of disasters, natural and otherwise, which have occurred on this date, or within a few days of it, for eons, all because of the Nazi guy, or because god hates spring.

To whit (so far:)

Boston marathon bombing: 4/15
Oklahoma City bombing: 4/19
Columbine: 4/20
Brand Davidian: 4/19
Deepwater Horizon explosion: 4/20
Virginia tech shooting: 4/19
1906 San Francisco earthquake: 4/18
Titanic sinking: 4/18

The only disaster that didn't occur the week of my fucking birthday (so far) is 9/11.

Here's hoping Bush comes to town and creates his own campaign-imploding disaster in the form of some asinine 47% type crack a la Mittens.
Mar 31 Velvetbabe commented on Going Clear Is Amazing and Depressing and You Should See It.

What I don't understand for the life of me about this ridiculously obvious cult is that a single person has ever been duped into believing it is anything but that - a cult. It has every feature of one, starting with its recruiting tactics.

I watched the documentary last night. I'm about the same age as some of the people in it, or maybe a bit younger. When I was 19 in the mid 80's, living and working on Boylston Street in Boston (down the block from the present day location of the marathon bombings), every day I passed "Corey" with his clipboard, who every day asked everyone who passed - and this being Boston, there was always a heavier concentration 18 to 21 year old kids than in most cities - if they wanted to take a "free personality test." I knew even at that young/dumbass age that this was an obvious scam and a person to be avoided. I mean, Jonestown had just happened a few years before. Everyone, everywhere was aware of cults. You couldn't not be. Nor could the people I saw in the film.

One day my adventurous friend Chris was with me and he decided as a joke to say yes to Corey, much to my dismay. We were immediately asked for our full names, which Corey wrote down (we gave fakes). At no time, until we arrived at their lavish facility, were we told that the "personality test" was being administered by the church of Scientology or that they were in any way affiliated with same. If your "church" is not a cult, you don't recruit teenaged kids, firstly, and you don't do so by concealing who you are - who is attempting the recruiting.

I asked where this "test" was going to take place and Corey said it was "right around the corner". Each block we walked, I would ask again, um, how far is this place again? "Right around the corner" Corey would repeat. In truth it was 6 city blocks away. I wanted to stop and go back but Chris felt this would be a hoot, so we continued.

On our journey there, Corey launched into a 6-blocks-long monologue railing against the evils of psychiatry and blathering about other conspiracy theories I can't remember, in an obvious attempt to begin the brainwashing early, and distract these young, potentially very impressionable, probably far-from-home-for-the-first-time kids re how far a fucking walk it was.

When we arrived at the huge mansion that I believe they still occupy, firstly we were separated for some reason - that alone seems amazing to me now. I guess it was to help "break us" easier, or something. Then we were indeed each given a very long, detailed "personality tests" which were a pathetically clear ruse designed for one thing: to get us to buy the Dianetics book. The test was so obvious, a 3 year old could have seen through it. Asking "moral" multiple choice questions with the obvious "right" answer plain as day. I in fact made sure each time to select the obvious "right" answer, admitting to zero wrongdoing in my entire life, no lying, cheating, feelings of anger, never hurting another soul, etc., etc. I came out with a perfect score in fact.

Yet at the end, Corey still told me that the "test" "revealed" that I needed to buy the book. I remember looking him dead in the eye and saying, "this TEST says I have to buy the book? How is that??" I don't recall what happened afterwards except that we got the fucking hell out of there.

We later learned other people at our school - other 18 and 19 yr old kids - had also done the infamous "test" - everyone did it as a joke - we were a cynical bunch. Some were brought upstairs to view a sort of recruiting scare tactic conspiracy film. No idea what was in the film.

Again, is this how an actual legit church or religion (saying that with a grain of salt as I'm a staunch atheist) behaves when trying to bring increase its "flock"? Fuck no.

Mar 19 Velvetbabe commented on Lindy West Signs a Big Book Deal and Other Art Stories Around the City.

@29: And you pepper your words with "bitch" and "paid for cock". What are we to make of you?

Mar 17 Velvetbabe commented on Lindy West Signs a Big Book Deal and Other Art Stories Around the City.

Plus it's just awesome when the fat girl wins.

Mar 17 Velvetbabe commented on Lindy West Signs a Big Book Deal and Other Art Stories Around the City.

Good on Lindy. I'm a fan. I'll buy the book. Loved her piece on TAL.

Mar 10 Velvetbabe commented on A Boring Show About Gay Men Finds Its Reason for Being in a Brilliant Female Performer.
I may have to check this one episode out. I had pretty much given up on the show for the same reasons as everyone else: it's stupefyingly dull. And annoying. The sort of main character with the fittingly bland name Patrick Murray, I mean, holy shit. How are we to buy that this crazy-bland white frat boy who is sans any decipherable personality at all is somehow friends with artists and more interesting folks like "Dom" (can they be more obvious with the name?) and somehow attracts Richie the hot Spanish speaking barber to the point where Richie sort of wants to get serious with him despite his extraordinary suburban white dullness and cluelessness, both in and out of bed?

The thing is just poorly written. And to boot, barely any sex.

For example when the pretty blonde twink responds to Dom's ad (I think it was an ad) and it turns out he lives in the same building ... do they maybe consider that this kid should be a continuing love/fuck interest for Dom? Which would at least be hot if not a bit awkward for Dom? Nope. Never see him again. Stupid. Lame. Whole show. Just ugh.

Only redeeming quality is the San Fran scenery which made me pine for the place all over again.

Mar 6 Velvetbabe commented on Check Out This Commercial From 1975.

Love's was pretty reprehensible overall. I well remember one of their commercials during this same period. I would have been about 10 yrs old at the time. The theme and theme song was "you can love hard, or you can love soft, soft'll get 'em every time", which was for a product called Love's Baby Soft. It featured females calling out the name of the guys they were interested in in a direct ie out loud manner, and then a second time, barely whispering the guy's name. The lesson of the ad was that the women who whispered were attractive to the guy - he immediately responded to the coy, passive girl-woman, while those who opened their mouthes and were direct about it got instantly rejected. So females are unattractive and unfeminine when they ask for what they want in a strong, confident voice. Thanks, Love's!

And to think this was during the height of both visibility of the modern feminist movement and the beginnings of widespread acknowledgement of and acceptance of the notion of women's rights to begin with, ie it garnering nearly the acceptance that civil rights had in the 60s, for that brief time before the 80's conservative backlash turned everything back, and the F word began to be used as and synonymous with a putdown/insult a la how "liberal" is often used today. Sigh.

Feb 11 Velvetbabe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Be PrEPared.

Confused non-penis-haver, here. Dan has said numerous times that he's sick of whining guys who don't want to wear a condom, who say they can't feel anything with a condom, who then, when the condom breaks inside the person they're fucking, don't even notice.

Yet here he is saying how much better it feels without a condom.

Perhaps as a gal this is beyond me, but ... if you don't notice the difference between condom-fucking and non-condom fucking, how, then, is it that condom-free sex feels so much better?


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