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unamusementpark is being racis' and also contemplating chubby kittens.
Feb 28, 2012 unamusementpark commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
"The link still exists whatever the reason, so you still need to be more careful around black people than you do around white people."

Absolutely right. Whatever the causes, the stereotypes are true. Racial profiling is rational and therefore good and therefore not "racist" (assuming "racism" is, by definition, bad).

As for the causation of the correlation: since (a) race is statistically the best indicator of violent crime levels in an area, (b) virtually none of this correlation is due to poverty, unemployment, or lack of education, (c) the racial crime gaps persist when you control for socioeconomic factors, and of course (d) blacks (e.g.) are and have been much more criminal than whites (e.g.) everywhere they are found in the world and at all times in recorded history — since all that is true, we're at the point now that one cannot reasonably deny that genetics plays a role.
Feb 26, 2012 unamusementpark commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
"That's because white privilege is genetic."

So true.

You know, I think the reason why the disingenuous white liberals (DWLs) aren't out in force this time is because they've realized they have no counterarguments. Nothing, literally nothing against our facts and reasoning. I expect they're more than a little embarrassed by the constant shrieking about "trolls" and "white supremacists" and have started to realize the wisdom of that old saying: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

Meanwhile, blacks are still more criminal than whites, and no one has even attempted to refute this simple fact.
Feb 25, 2012 unamusementpark is being racis' and also contemplating chubby kittens.
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Feb 23, 2012 unamusementpark commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
What's really interesting is that Thomas seems to have noticed that we're not actually racists; that we have excellent factual and logical reasons for believing everything we believe. Unfortunately, he starts from obviously false assumptions (like "white people are not, in fact, superior to blacks"), so he finds "contradictions" (with reality). Thus he is unable to fully wrap his head around the idea that the "racists" might be completely right. About everything. Hence the term "quasi-intellectual" and a sarcastic science. (Did you even try to understand my website?)

Thomas should know that we have indeed "come a long way" — a long way toward marginalizing, denigrating and destroying the white majority of this country, the very people who keep it functioning like a first-world civilized society, not a black or brown third-world hellhole. We've come so far now that the inevitable backlash by whites is bound to be spectacular. No, this doesn't end in flyers.

"Wacky shit," indeed.
Feb 20, 2012 unamusementpark commented on White Supremacist Tampers With City Arts' Excerpt of Listen, Whitey!.
"... instead, you feel the need to brandish stats that show blacks commit more crimes than whites..."

You sure are having trouble with this concept of "rates"! Let me help you out: the RATE (also known as a "per capita rate") at which blacks commit a crime is the number of crimes they commit, divided by their population. In discussing crime, only rates matter, not absolute numbers.

Consider: which is a better country: one with 10,000 people, half of whom (5,000) are criminals; or one with a million people, 1% of whom (10,000 > 5,000) are criminals? You see how only rates matter?

I have observed that blacks are more criminal than whites: they commit every violent crime, and in fact every single crime except liquor law violations, at a much higher RATE than whites. I think in the above quotation you're trying to admit that I'm absolutely right (in any case, the facts are not disputable), but you're still getting confused about the difference between a rate and an absolute number.

"...(with no acknowledgment of the underlying causes for those stats)..."

Actually, the flyer points out that (e.g.) poverty, unemployment and lack of education account for almost none of the connection (technically, correlation) between race and crime. If blacks had exactly the same jobs, incomes and educations as whites, the predictive value of race for criminality would be virtually unchanged! Interesting stuff, to be sure. Please try to understand the basics of statistics.

By the way (this is also from the flyer, which you steadfastly refuse to read and understand): why are you making excuses for violent criminals? Who are you protecting?

"...and then wear those numbers like some kind of badge of pride. 'SEE?! SEE?! BLACKS ARE INNATELY INFERIOR!'"

Well, no one said anything about "innate," but it does seem to be the only remaining explanation, considering that blacks are much more criminal than whites regardless of environment. Anyway, how would YOU describe criminality, if not "inferior"? Just out of interest.
Feb 20, 2012 unamusementpark commented on White Supremacist Tampers With City Arts' Excerpt of Listen, Whitey!.
Hi Dave Segal! I wrote the flyer.

"The majority of American serial killers and white-collar criminals are white. Going to emblazon that on T-shirt and wear it around town? "

Interestingly enough, blacks make up over 20% of serial murderers (Society for Police and Criminal Psychology). Since they make up only about 13% of the population, blacks commit this crime at a higher rate than whites, just like they commit assault, rape, robbery and murder at higher rates than whites.

Simply put, blacks are more likely than whites to be serial killers.

What's equally interesting is that this information is ALL on my flyer, "Black People Are More Criminal Than White People." Maybe you should read it?

You can Google "black serial killers" and find that even The Root is on this:

Plenty more information out there. So sure, I'll emblazon the following on a t-shirt: "Blacks are more likely to be serial murderers, just as they are more likely to commit every single other violent crime."
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