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8:57 AM yesterday Theodore Gorath commented on Colin Powell Says He Will Vote for Hillary Clinton.
@5: Except Clinton had a private server in her private home. Powell did not. There is a huge difference between a private account (Powell) and a private server (Clinton).

You keep telling this same lie, do you know you are lying, or do you simply not know the facts?…
Oct 25 Theodore Gorath commented on Supporters Rally Around Pramila Jayapal in Wake of Opponent's "Attack" Ads.
If Jayapal needs a safe space due to an "attack ad" as which really did not even lie about anything, and was really tame, she may not be a good fit for politics.
Oct 25 Theodore Gorath commented on Federal Grand Jury Indicts Man for Allegedly Holding Fake, Sex-Based Porn Auditions.
@1: I definitely see what you are saying, but pretending to be a porn producer and convincing women the sex was basically for a job (is that even legal even if we are to discount rape charges?) is going well beyond lying about one's romantic intentions, wealth, gifts, etc.

That is more like the scene from Revenge of the Nerds where the guy wears the Halloween costume of the girl's boyfriend to trick her into having sex with him. A bit off topic, but damn is that movie problematic when it comes to issues of consent. Lots of scenes where nonconsensual sexual activity is played for fun. Pretty gross viewing it with adult sensibilities now.
Oct 19 Theodore Gorath commented on The Morning News: Our Endorsements Are Here and the Final Presidential Debate Happens Tonight!.
Here is what Scott Foval said on the tape in question. This portion was unedited as a quote, but may have been taken out of context:

"It's a matter of showing up, to want to get into their rally, in a Planned Parenthood T-shirt. Or 'Trump is a Nazi,' you know. You can message to draw them out, and draw them out to punch you."

He has been fired, and Robert Creamer is stepping down from his position after the tape was released. They claim it was edited to make it seem worse and that Foval was basically just foolin'.

CNN has a story on it, I suppose one can make up their own mind:…
Oct 19 Theodore Gorath commented on The Strange Phenomenon of Women Who Vote Trump.
@29: Yeah, yeah, everyone who lives a different mode of life than you is blind to the real world and MUST be a racist. "Real Life" only happens downtown. Hell of an ego you got there.

Also, so what you are saying is that you automatically disbelief any rape accusation that is not proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in a court of law, and that it is ok to assault women who "pursue" you. None of these Trump assaults were proven in a court of law. Why do you automatically believe them then?

What is that you were saying earlier about believing or not believing rape victims being based on convenience of thought? Seems relevant to you too, I guess.
Oct 19 Theodore Gorath commented on Naked Hillary Clinton Statue Appears in New York.
Pretty sure those are goat hooves/legs. There is no such thing as "devil hooves."
Oct 18 Theodore Gorath commented on The Strange Phenomenon of Women Who Vote Trump.
@19: Well, if you accept that some women can find one womanizing guy who is often accused of sexual assault charming, why can't other women find a different womanizer who is often accused of sexual assault charming as well? Even if they are just "cloistered suburbanites" (which is a weird term really, as it implies that "real life" only happens in urban settings, which makes no sense if you think about it).

To each their own, I suppose...
Oct 17 Theodore Gorath commented on Seahawks Get Huge Win Against Falcons, Unnecessarily Stress Out Fanbase, Richard Sherman.
Definitely a huge non-call on the PI, even Seattle fans can't deny that one.

Hilarious though to see Dan Quinn outraged by the non-call, when he was a driving force behind the strategy of committing tons of defensive holding/PI penalties knowing that the refs will not call it every down. Just like they did not call it on that down.
Oct 12 Theodore Gorath commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Stop Humping The Bed.
@27: Yeah, and I can also imagine a unicorn, but that does not make one real

My point is, simply saying "of course they escort, they are porn stars" is assumptive and kind of misogynist unless you actually have some kind of knowledge of the topic.

Once again, porn actresses and prostitutes/escorts are not the same thing.
Oct 11 Theodore Gorath commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Stop Humping The Bed.
@7: Are you saying that every porn star is also a prostitute, and merely has a price? Maybe you have inside knowledge, but that kind of sounds doubtful to me.

It is also strikes me as a touch misogynistic to simply claim that any woman who is willing to act in porn is just willing to have sex with anyone if they have the dosh.