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11:55 AM yesterday Theodore Gorath commented on Chris Christie Has "Cost New Jersey Taxpayers Billions" in Privatized Pension Scam.
@35: You still need to figure out where all the money is going to come from if you let people decide to pay less, genius.

Your point is basically:

X needs Y amount of money, and if we let people opt to pay a total less than Y, we will magically still have Y at the end of the day.

10:34 AM yesterday Theodore Gorath commented on What Kind of Idiot Gives a Nine Year Old an Uzi?.
My first gun was a Red Ryder BB gun I got from my old man when I was nine. it was single pump, and could barely break skin. "You just need something powerful enough to plink cans" my dad told me.

After learning how to hande a firearm with that simple machine, I fired .22 rifles in the cub scouts, and began shooting skeet with 12 gauge shotguns and long distance target shooting/deer hunting with a Remington 700 while in the boy scouts.

My god I could not imagine holding an Uzi when I was that nine year old kid plinking soda cans and shooting apart plastic army men in the woods with that Red Ryder.

I blame the range for thinking this was ok more so than the parents. The parents should have known better, but they had "experts" telling them it was safe. Fucking morons.
10:10 AM yesterday Theodore Gorath commented on Kid Comes Out, Family Disowns Him.
To be fair to Seattleblues, there is only about a 99% chance he is lying in his comment @40.

Keep in mind that back when people his age were going to college, liberal economic policies, strong unions, high taxes on the rich, and a relatively high minimum wage kept college tuition low, jobs plentiful, and credit easy to come by.

Of course, conservative economic policies that privileged blowhards like Seattleblues support made those things go away, pulling up the ladder of prosperity so that the next generation would have a much harder time.
9:11 AM yesterday Theodore Gorath commented on Anita Sarkeesian Threatened with Rape and Murder for Daring to Keep Critiquing Video Games.
@19: I only apply the critique that they are not really up to academic or scholarly standards because she herself claimed she was doing a scholarly, academic project.

I write literary criticism and have had many articles published, and if I was given $160,000 and years to work, you better effing believe I would have put out an incredibly detailed and painstakingly researched piece of work, not something that just demonstrates surface issues.
6:40 AM yesterday Theodore Gorath commented on Anita Sarkeesian Threatened with Rape and Murder for Daring to Keep Critiquing Video Games.
Always been unclear why these videos brought out so much hate in and of themselves. It is not like she is even breaking any ground or stating anything that is radical enough that it has never been stated before. Visibility, I guess.

I would have liked to see more discussion about how these are more or less classical tropes finding fertile ground in the medium of video games. My biggest critique of the videos is that they are kind of shallow, and I was expecting more digging since she got so much money and posted pics of that giant stack of video games she bought. They kind of boil down to "here is one example of the trope. Here is another. And here we see another."
5:18 AM yesterday Theodore Gorath commented on The Morning News: ISIS, Russia, Cherish.
Not sure if Michael Sam is going to make the 53 man roster. That team is pretty stacked with pass rushers, and Sam is practice squad eligible.

ESPN is 100% stupid garbage, and I am glad dumb "stories" like this one are showing people outside of the wide world of sports this fact.
Aug 27 Theodore Gorath commented on Seattle Police Officer John Marion Is At It Again, Apparently.
Free speech does not mean you can say anything you want without judgement or consequence.

But this is really just another example of police officers viewing the people they are supposed to be serving and protecting as enemies and inconveniences. That is the real issue, not that statements were made, or what they specifically were.

They could not have done a better job of proving Guarnero's "organic connection" observation.
Aug 27 Theodore Gorath commented on I, Anonymous.
But of course you didn't say anything to them at the time right?

Better to just rush to the computer to bang out a passive aggressive screed later.
Aug 26 Theodore Gorath commented on The Number of Times the British Police Fired Their Weapons in 2012: Three.
As has been shown over and over again, prevalent guns leads to jack booted government thugs, it does not prevent them.

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