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Feb 28, 2012 make it rain TRUTH joined My Stranger Face
Feb 28, 2012 make it rain TRUTH commented on White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music.
Why is that author, along with the general DWL illiterati, are willing to make statements like:

"The other important thing I learned about the Panthers: They weren't anti-white; they were just pro-black."

Where they are differentiating between the two themes?

Yet when it is a white person talking anything even remotely perceived as "pro-white" they are immediately demonized as "anti-black" racists as if the two are synonymous?

That is merely one fallacy of the DWL mindset of which this book's author seems to be afflicted. As well as his use of "Whitey" in the title. Which is dubious, considering if a book were titled "Listen, Blackie" it would elicit howls of racism. Both are coarse.