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Jan 5, 2015 amiable.willow commented on The Morning News: World Rejoices That Gay Men's Leather Shop Will Expand into the Vacuum Place Next Door.
I'm really sad to see the vacuum repair shop go - the folks who worked there were great!
May 7, 2013 amiable.willow commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
I wish Childhaven was available nationwide to be able to heal children like this who need it so desperately. Currently, Childhaven is the only agency in Western Washington that offers the services that children who've been abused need to recover and thrive.
Apr 12, 2013 amiable.willow commented on Wisdom Tooth Weekend: Songs For Percocet and Pain.
I had mine taken out when I was 21. The doctor promised me that it would be no big deal. He lied. It sucked. I actually did wake up during the surgery - not ideal. But, I lived (mostly due to the expert nursing provided by my mother) and now am just fine.

I remember thinking about two weeks after the procedure, "I wonder if I'll ever feel normal again?" I do.
Mar 12, 2013 amiable.willow commented on Savage Love Episode 333.
I think that Prudie gave the advice to go to the disabled websites not because she thinks that disabled women will be more likely to be interested, but because she considers the writer himself to be disabled.
Feb 6, 2013 amiable.willow commented on A Cinematic Journey Through a Six-Year-Old's Imagination.
Thanks for posting this! I know Asa Baker-Rouse (I went to college with his parents). You use the feminine gender pronoun in this article, but I can assure you that Asa is a boy! He's a great kid with a fantastic imagination! Another win for lesbian parenting!
Oct 26, 2012 amiable.willow commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
Thank you, as always, for including the Childhaven link. Childhaven provides therapeutic care, healing, hugs and hope to children who have been abused or neglected. Your financial support or volunteer time helps over 400 children in King County every year.
Oct 22, 2012 amiable.willow commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
Children who grow up in a violent home are more likely to be victims of child abuse. Those who are not direct victims have some of the same behavioral and psychological problems as children who are themselves physically abused. Kids who are exposed to violence in the home may have difficulty learning and limited social skills, exhibit violent, risky or delinquent behavior, or suffer from depression or severe anxiety.

It is estimated that 3.2 million American children witness incidents of domestic violence annually. We are lucky to have Childhaven in our community that provides healing, hugs and hope for the youngest victims of abuse and neglect. Thank you, Dan for reminding us that therapeutic care and healing is available here in King County.

Statistics and info from…
Oct 9, 2012 amiable.willow commented on Paris on the Saigon (on Rainier Avenue).
When my friend and I saw that the Paris Bakery & Deli had finally (FINALLY!) opened, we decided to have a croissant-off. We decided to taste-test croissants from both the Columbia City Bakery (we knew we already loved these) and the Paris Bakery. We were almost giddy with anticipation - who doesn't love a delicious pastry?

We purchased from CCB first and left with a plain and a chocolate croissant. Then we went to the Paris Bakery expecting to have ... options. There were none. Just the plain croissant and very few other pastries to choose from. I even asked if there were other varieties in the back. Nope.

Feeling undeterred, we moved forward with our taste test. After a bite or two of the Paris Bakery & Deli croissant, it was composted. It had a chemical aftertaste and I have a sneaking suspicion that it might have had a previous life as a member of a Costco twelve-pack.

The CCB croissants were pretty much perfect. No surprise there.
Oct 9, 2012 amiable.willow commented on Don't Let Lady Restroom Figures Touch Hands with Other Lady Restroom Figures.
I'm not going to dignify their argument with a response - because there is no need. As someone who has been making phone calls on behalf of WUM for months, they are playing into the response that I most often hear from people who want to reject the law.

If you can't trust them to get the shape of our state correct, what else are they lying about?
Oct 8, 2012 amiable.willow commented on Hello, I'm Calling to Argue for My Rights.
I've been phone-banking weekly since June and this is very much been my experience as well. Although, as a straight-ish woman, I think my calls get a bit of extra undeserved leverage. What has impressed me the most about the conversations is that in their most positive, that's really what they are; conversations. Even when we don't agree - it's a critical opportunity for civil discourse. For many, it may be the first intelligent, kind, and considerate discussion that they've had with someone who disagrees with them to their very soul but can still treat them kindly and respectfully.

WHEN we win, it will be because of these courageous, critical, and fierce conversations.

It isn't so scary to make the calls and the pizza is delicious. Join us.