Jun 29, 2016 bkski commented on I, Anonymous.

Lighten up, Francis.
Jun 22, 2016 bkski commented on I, Anonymous.
Hey IAnon, how's that radical feminism workin' out for ya?
Oct 7, 2015 bkski commented on I, Anonymous.
Suppose she gets her wish. Before long she will complain that no one notices her anymore.
Aug 5, 2015 bkski commented on Savage Love.
THCTRAP is an enabler, the boyfriend is an addict. Get help, both of ya.

GGP is a passive-aggressive Nice Guy(TM). Get help to grow a pair.

UGH's marriage is in trouble. If she "breaks down" in a conversation about their sex life, odds are she can't handle any kind of opening of the marriage. Time to split up and each find more compatible partners.
May 27, 2015 bkski commented on Savage Love.
It seems to me that NNFS wants to be in a close, intimate relationship with a man, but not have sex. That's a pretty unrealistic expectation. For the overwhelming majority of men, even us middle-aged ones, sex is a very big part of a relationship. She's gonna have to search a whole lot farther than Craigslist to find what she wants. Reading between the lines, I sense that she may also be blaming men for having libidos when she doesn't, and that's really not fair.
Mar 25, 2015 bkski commented on I, Anonymous.
@IA: Lighten up, Francis.
Sep 5, 2013 bkski commented on Fast-Food Stroke.
@brent.b/@20: "There is no reason the same can't be done with service jobs." I can think of plenty of reasons, at least for the fast-food jobs that were the subject of the article. If you want to talk about higher-value service-industry jobs, you need to acknowledge the added skills needed for those jobs, and the simple fact that not everyone will be qualified (and resulting wage disparities, natch). The industrial revolution factories gave us the production of commodities that CAN provide a "backbone" for a larger economy, so those workers had some leverage. But if our nation's GDP consists of Big Macs, Grande Macciatos, and Forever 21 T-shirts...well, we're just gonna all be poor as church mice then.
Sep 5, 2013 bkski commented on Fast-Food Stroke.
I know ya'll are in Seattle and it's liberal as all git-out, but before you castigate the evil fast-food overlords, remember that it's all just supply vs. demand, simple high-school econ class stuff. The supply of people who can be burger-flippers is very, very high, so demand (ie. the wage required to attract this talent) will be very low. It was made very clear to me when I was young that if I wanted to earn a lot of money, I had to have something for which someone was willing to pay, skills in a low-supply area where demand was high. I worked fast-food jobs when I had no skills. It requires a suspension of reality to be in this discussion with the idea that a non-management fast-food job should support a family and provide for retirement.
Aug 29, 2013 bkski commented on Savage Love.
I think FEM has been watching too much porn, and now has unrealistic expectations of men because of it. I mean, I'm not just a piece of wood, to be used and abused whenever and however it suits her, it's just so objectifying and demeaning.
Jul 31, 2013 bkski commented on I, Anonymous.
Could be fake, yeah. But if not...Best. I Anon. EVVVERRRRRR!