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Mar 1, 2012 PitbullMama commented on 2000 Pound Pit Bull Attacks and Kills Owner!.
Dan.....I really enjoyed reading Savage Love, and I really enjoyed reading The Stranger...but after finding all these anti-pitbull articles written by the staff (and you) I'm really disappointed and well....I am no longer going to be reading anything you write. I know this a few years after the fact, and I'm a little late onto the boat.....but really?? Why do you have to be "anti-pit"...if you don't like dogs, why can't you just be "anti-dog"? Why discriminate against one breed? Just because I don't like people in general doesn't mean I'm going to go all "oh, I am anti-black" or "anti-Mexican" just because there are a lot of crimes committed by said races. I thought you were more educated than this. Bye, you lost a fan from your ignorance!
Mar 1, 2012 PitbullMama commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
@ 162

Seriously, do your research. "Pitbulls weren't bred to be companion animals"

Pit fighting was a poor man's sport, thus, pitbulls were owned by poor people. Meaning this: poor people couldn't afford to house their dogs seperately from themselves. Further meaning: after the pit fight, whichever dog won came home to the family, which meant children most of the time. Meaning: if any of the pit fighting dogs showed ANY human aggression AT ALL, they were immediately put down. Pitbulls are family dogs, and I love how we as Americans forget so easily that the American Pitbull Terrier was our national symbol during WWI and WWII. Our first decorated canine officer: a pitbull. Petey from the Little Rascals: PITBULL

Quit being so fucking ignorant and buying into the media bullshit. Look up the facts before you spew that propaganda out of your mouth.
Mar 1, 2012 PitbullMama joined My Stranger Face
Mar 1, 2012 PitbullMama commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
This article is very misinformed. You got your statistics from DogBite.org? Are you kidding me??? That is the -most- biased website I have ever encountered. While -some- pitbulls might be vicious (the fault of the OWNER, NOT the dog), I would say that the vast majority of pitbulls are awesome dogs. I have three of them, two of them abused rescues, at home with my 4 month old son and I have absolutely no problems leaving my dogs alone in the room with my kid. Besides, that 56% of fatal dog bites, I bet you that most of them aren't even pitbulls. There are a good 40 different PUREBRED dog breeds commonly mistaken for a pitbull. If you had -actually- done research, you would see that pitbulls are among the lowest percentage of dogs liable to bite someone, UNLESS trained by a BAD OWNER to do so. Pitbulls were originally bred to be animal agressive, and I will not deny that yes, pitbulls are not the best dogs to have around OTHER DOGS. But they were always culled at the smallest sign of human agression and it is only recently that people have started training them and breeding them to be guard dogs and human aggressive. Pitbulls are among the WORST guard dogs in the world. My 65 lb pitbull let someone rob our apartment and didn't do a damn thing. I'm sure he just wiggled his whole body and showed the robbers where all the good stuff was. Unfortunately, pitbulls do have strong jaws and they are very determined animals, so if they do, for some reason, get aggressive, yes, they DO do a lot of damage and can really hurt someone or something. That is why I strongly advocate RESPONSIBLE PITBULL OWNERSHIP. Myself, as a pitbull owner and avid pitbull lover, carry the weight of the whole breed on my 3 dogs and I make sure that they represent the breed in only good ways. If my dogs were bad I A.) wouldn't take them out in public or B.) probably would put them down. Responsible ownership. ALSO, did you know that the number one cause of dog-related infant deaths is not, as you ignorant assholes would think, pitbulls, but is in fact chihuahuahs and pomeranians. Chew on that.