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Jun 6, 2013 Redhots commented on South Seattle Crime Is Down (and It's All McGinn's Fault).
You never tried to get a 911 dispatcher to get a call through in South Seattle. Have you? South Seattle police are understaffed. I have experienced wait times of 3 hours for an officer, while a woman was being beaten up by a man. It gets to the point were you just don't call because, no one is going to put the call through because it's South Seattle crime happens (duh!) or the police are so spread out, they can't make it in a timely matter to stop what is happening. But really, it's an election year, stats don't lie.
May 21, 2013 Redhots commented on Council President Sally Clark Likely Won't Support Homeless Encampment Bill.
While deployed, I lived in a tent for 1.5yrs. It is humbling. It isn't normal. Moving back into my apartment was mind bending. The military does a poor job at helping you adjust to civilian life. I ,at least, knew there was an end insight. Imagine having to adjust to what we call normal after living on the streets or in a tent. It's soul breaking for people that have to live indefinitely in a tent. How do you think they feel knowing they once lived in a home. It doesn't matter how their life lead them into the tent. They are living it. They need help. All of you should be grateful for indoor plumbing and heat! We can do better. I think reducing people to $4 a bed per night is a destructive way to view human beings. What is the real price? No healthcare, education, or real police protection would put a higher price on that human beings effect on my tax burden. Really, I hate the term burden. Can't we just do this right. They need hard shelters with bathrooms and kitchens and community. Churches are tax exempt. It should be mandatory that they house the homeless. Right now, I'm not a fan of most Seattle City Council. If all they can muster is tent with porta potty's, then by all means show us how kind we are to the homeless. You must be living with blinders on to believe that churches do enough and are willing to house the homeless. You aren't in touch with reality. Maybe railroading them to South Seattle is good enough, with less services in those industrial areas, making the homeless invisible in Wallingford to support council re elections. I would bet the life of my only child that none of the City Council could survive a month in a tent in any church parking lot around Seattle or an industrial area of their choosing. Invest in apodments and hard shelters not tents. Force more public housing, instead of bending to developers that have the ability to weasel out of providing low rent housing so they can profit on the most vulnerable in our society.The Council's lack of determination is showing. None of you deserve to be re elected to council or mayor.
Mar 26, 2013 Redhots commented on The Message on Aurora.
Motels. SROs and Motel are the same. Now they are motels. If the word is incorrect now, sorry. Most of the people that I encounter living in Motels here have been living in the same ones for years. They just check out in enough time, then comeback. It's sad because it seems to be the cities answer to low income housing of everyone from single mothers to sex offenders.
Mar 26, 2013 Redhots commented on The Message on Aurora.
The strip of Motels on East Marginal is just as sad. You can look in the AirLane Parking lot at 2am or the Munson parking lot at 2am or the Aero Parking lot at 2am, it's young girls and their pimps. It's Boeing picking them up on the way to work during the weekday mornings. Great, some guy wants to pay for sex. Until it is legalized, regulated, and the stigma taken off of most of these girls that are addicts, it won't change. To start the City could look into most of these SRO's that are not running an honest business. Those motels live off the backs of the poor. They over charge for the unsafe an unhealthy living environment that the tenets and the communities that struggle around their " I got mine" attitude put up with daily. I get it. SPD is spread thin in the areas with the highest crime. While all the OccupyWall St. garbage was going on, South precinct police had to take care of that mess. It took hours for calls just on my street about drug deals, fights, and prostitution to be acknowledged. It was more important to harass demonstrators, no matter how annoying, then deal with actual crime. My contempt for City leadership is high. I don't think I could tolerate voting for anyone that holds a current office, again.
Feb 18, 2013 Redhots commented on The Always Ugly Beacon Hill Branch Library.
Hey, Georgetown could use a library. Why so ungratful? There is nothing wrong with the building. I'm almost offended that you used church and honesty together in one sentence. Wish I had a library in my hood. I guess we don't read books down here.
Jan 20, 2013 Redhots commented on City Council Seeks Divisive Strategist to Foment Petty Drama with the Mayor.
McCheese is a terrible mayor at best. I don't understand why you champion this snake. He only takes care of North Seattle. Just stop. He kowtows to anyone that fills his political coffers with money just like every other politician. The only difference is that he wouldn't care if South Seattle burned to the ground. Thanks for the excellent police chief, Mayor McDouche!
Dec 5, 2012 Redhots commented on Ed Murray Wants to Be Seattle's First Gay Mayor.
The first candidate to state they are all in for a subway for Seattle, I will vote for in a heartbeat!
Dec 4, 2012 Redhots commented on Katt Williams Crazy Train Update.
Hey Kat! The Airlane Motel in Georgetown is were everyone goes to party! You don't know? Well go check it out, Bro!
Dec 4, 2012 Redhots commented on WHO IS THIS?.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Mar 2, 2012 Redhots answered a bunch of weird questions about himself or herself.