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Oct 29, 2015 sadiquechienne commented on I, Anonymous.
Thrill Killer, you are totally free not to tip. Just don't go to sit down restaurants where it's socially and culturally expected. If you so loathe tipping I suggest you put your money where your mouth is and patronize some of the restaurants that have instituted no tipping and instead just pay their employees a decent wage. Waiting tables requires an order of magnitude more skill than slinging burgers and stocking shelves. By going to a restaurant where tipping is expected and not tipping, you are rewarding the restaurant owners who put their profits ahead of their employees (and pass the burden of adequately paying their staff on to you) while punishing the employee. Your argument seems to be that wait staff deserve to be paid only minimum wage, but the fact of the matter is waiting tables takes a unique combination of skills that not just anyone has or can learn. It's hard, sometimes complicated work, and wait staff should command a much higher wage given their skill, but do not get it due to the cultural norm of tipping. Wait staff are not being entitled for expecting you to tip - it is a societal norm, and frankly, if you don't, you're an asshole.
Jul 25, 2015 sadiquechienne commented on Really Awful Word of the Day: Cuckservative.
@12 The reference is cuckservative. CUCK not cock, the reference being to cuckolds, not penises.
Apr 20, 2015 sadiquechienne commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Didn't Tell Him About Her Abortion When He Asked—But Did He Ask the Right Question?.
I think it's worth pointing out as well that, from the way the author frames the conversation with this person, the most traumatic part of the whole ex-girlfriend-abortion thing was that she had an abortion, without ever even talking to him about it, and then dumped the news on him after the fact. Unless there is reason to believe that a guy is violent or a douche, I think it's shitty for a woman to have an abortion without having an actual, grown up conversation about the situation with her partner.
Mar 20, 2015 sadiquechienne commented on Can We Force Jon Stewart to Keep Doing His Show?.
@9 Please tell me that you are joking and you know that the Colbert Report was 100% satire?
Nov 7, 2014 sadiquechienne commented on I, Anonymous.
For everyone asking, what if it's a small child next? You're all morons.

First of all, if you have kids,for their own safety you teach them polite dog manners, which includes never running up to a strange dog and always asking the dog's owner before petting. Any parents that doesn't do this is negligent, period. Second of all, a dog's interactions with other dogs is NO indication of its interactions with humans. Plenty of dogs that are downright nasty with other dogs are perfectly fine with people, including kids. Dogs know people AREN'T other dogs, and they treat us accordingly.

Thirdly, for those trying to defend people who let their dogs off leash because dogs "should be free" - then go live in the mountains where you don't have to be considerate of others. There are dozens of reasons that a dog may not want to interact with your offleash dog, many of which have nothing to do with aggression. Maybe the other dog is sick, recovering from surgery, in training, or afraid. Most cities have plenty of designated off leash areas where you can takr your dog. Use those. Want your dog to be off leash on your property? Build a fence. Can't afford a fence? Then get used to long leash walks. Period.
Oct 29, 2014 sadiquechienne commented on I, Anonymous.
@12 I would guess that the lab, being a generally friendly fellow, ran up to the GSD and got chopped for his trouble.

It happens all the time to me; I'll be walking my dogs and suddenly, a strange dog is running up to us off leash. 20 yards away its owner shouts "don't worry, he's friendly!" My response? "MINE ISN'T, PLEASE RESTRAIN YOUR DOG!" I've never had a fight on my hands but there have definitely been some close calls.

I work in a vet clinic and I am always astonished by how many people bring their dogs in off leash into the lobby. Um, hello, this is a clinic! Just because you're just here for shots doesn't mean there aren't other dogs here who are grumpy because they're sick/in pain, or even infectious!

Bottom line: unless you are in a designated off leash area, put the leash on!

Oct 29, 2014 sadiquechienne commented on I, Anonymous.
@5 and @9 not necessarily true. Some dogs are leash aggressive, for instance. I have a german shepherd x whom I've had since he was 8 weeks. We socialized him, trainee him, did everything right (and I work in animal welfare, so I know what I'm doing.) He loved other dogs. Then wheb he wasaround two, ghe had some scary dog park experiences, and since he's fully matured he has become unpredictable around other dogs. He has many dog friends, but sometimes when he meets new dogs, he'll go after then, especially on leash, ESPECIALLY if they come running up to him and are rude/pushy. We never allow him off leash, and we don't generally allow him to greet strange dogs while on walks for this reason, but we have to be constantly vigilant for assholes who not only have their dog off leash but who aren't paying attention.

Bottom line is, you never know a strange dog's history. Never assume that that dog wants to meet your dog - always ask. And keeping your dog on leash keeps EVERYONE safe.

I would also point out, in my experience most people totally suck at reading canine body language. They miss all kinds of cues leading up to an altercation. If your dog is growling, chances are you've already missed a half a dozen signals your dog was givi giving you that he is uncomfortable. For as closely as we live with these critters, we are terrible at communicati ng with them!
Mar 13, 2014 sadiquechienne commented on You Should Model Your Relationship On the Diplozoon Paradoxum Couple Down the Street.
@2 Your dad sounds like what Dan would call a CPOS (cheating piece of shit). His stance on "social monogamy" is that it only works if everyone in the relationship is on board, with only a handful of very rareeditions based on extenuating circumstances.
Jan 16, 2014 sadiquechienne commented on Wedding Don'ts.
@19 That's what my husband and I did. Best decision ever!
May 10, 2013 sadiquechienne commented on Such Nice Dogs.
The story here is not that "pit bulls" killed someone (quotes for all of the reasons mentioned above, because who knows if they were even actually pitties). The story here is that some asshole(s) allowed large dogs, one of which has a known history of aggression (attacked a horse) to roam free in a pack. And I would bet none of them were neutered, either.
Simple, affordable solutions that have PROVEN to reduce dog bites:
Spay/neuter education
Affordable spay/neuter/vaccination options (clinics, low income vet care, etc, because let's face it, not being able to afford a dog doesn't stop dumb shits from getting one anyway)
Mandatory city/county licensing requiring proof of rabies vaccination, with a higher licensing fee for unaltered animals. Multiple tickets for not having a license results in seizure of the animal by animal control. Licensing fees help go towards enforcement/spay neuter programs.
Strict penalties for ownership of an aggressive animal (including the option to waive fees/fines if owners pay for training intended to deal with the behavior, depending on how severe the infraction is).
Enact those measures, watch dog bites, especially lethal dog attacks, drop.

Oh, and an important note about snarky comment about no bad dogs, just bad owners. That is absolutely not true. An actually true statement is, there are no bad BREEDS, just bad owners. A bad dog is the result of a bad owner, and may or may not ever be able to be rehabilitated. Moreover, there are in fact some dogs that are just born wired wrong (ever heard of rage syndrome in cocker spaniels? Scary stuff!) that will never be ok. But just because a lot of people are stupid and/or shitty, and that same stupid/shitty demographic has decided its breed of choice is the pit bull, does not therefor mean there is something wrong with the breed itself, except maybe bad luck.