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Brenden, you are VERY lazy using your journalistic skills, especially the way you refer to Mark's sermon on the Woman = Garden, Men = Gardener part. You left out a WHOLE TON of material, and tried to break it down into your own biased, negative view. He says many times after saying that she is like the Garden, but the man is to love, and cherish and nuture the wife. He is NOT the boss (as Mark says MANY times) He says you cannot just stand back and yell at her, or give demands to her, or pass judgement's regarding her, you need to love her like Christ loved the Church. You need to take responsibility like Jesus took responsibility. You need to honor her and cherish her and nourish her. He also says that it DOESN'T mean that MEN are over WOMEN, and he says that the bible says this over and over throughout.
That's just a little bit of what he said, and if you just leave it where you did, "She is the Garden, if you don't like the way she is, you are the Gardener"....that sounds bad, and it's out of context, and yeah, it supports your biased negative view of your whole article.
Where are the journalists that used to actually REPORT fairly and unbiasedly? If you want to say this is your opinion, fine, but saying you tried to contact MH church members but never got much of a reply from them, then I call BS on that. You didn't contact me. What did you do to try to find actual members? How did you contact them? Did you try to call from an unlisted number (how did you get their number to start with) but if you called me with an unlisted number, I would ignore you. If you left a message, and explained who you were and what you were looking for, I would have called you back, but since I wouldn't support your obviously biased views, unless you could take something I said out of context as you did Mark Driscoll's comments, then I implore you people (who don't already just HATE Christians already as Brendan was hoping would read his tripe and his article would get more attention than it deserves since it is full of half-truths and lies (by omission of actual facts that may refute his biased view). You are the epitome of the reason people just are tired of dealing with journalists that are lazy like you. You are no Journalist, you are simply just a guy who has been given a forum to spew your dogma into a medium in the "Least Churched" city in the United States, where your views, as skewed as they are, are the NORM, so it's EASY to stir up others just like yourself.
If you want the truth, I have found that it's best to do your OWN investigating, if you really are interested because Journalists, both sides, are LAZY, and won't do what it takes or do the actual hard work to get the story straight and find representatives on BOTH sides that are not ANONYMOUS (because we are not dealing with Government THUGS or Mafia families that could KILL you for coming forward) sources, but sources that will come forward and have the GUTS to say "Yeah, that's what I said, and this is proof and/or confirmation of what I said. You mentioned papers or so called "Disciplinary" documents, yet you didn't produce them, you just said they existed, quoting an unnamed source, and we are supposed to take your word as gospel. Sorry, I am not drinking YOUR Kool-aid as most posters seem to be on this site.