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Mar 8, 2012 big al joined My Stranger Face
Mar 8, 2012 big al commented on Stop the Child Sex Trade in Seattle.
Legalizing prostitution will eliminiate child trafficing? are you kidding?

predators that target children do it because they like children. a man who rapes a young child typically doesn't rape adults for the soul reason, HE LIKES CHILDREN. Your an idiot. Its very much like when they said making abortion legal would make abortion rates drop, it did the very opposite. dont be so ignorant!
@ 2 - how would you feel to have your 10 year old daughter taken from outside your home, put into a sex trafficing ring, put on all kinds of drugs, beaten and then (hopefully) found only to have YOU the parent arrested. Once again don't be so ingnorant!

its people like you that we have these kinds of problems and can't find any solution because your head is too far up your ass to even know whats going on! the average age of a person forced into sex trafficing is 11 years old. what we need to be doing is educating children and people like yourself who are ill informed or not informed at all.