Apr 1, 2016 screed commented on Under Pressure From Billionaires, Will Governor Inslee Flip-Flop on Charter Schools?.
Charter schools are a scam. They are a rightwing scheme to privatize and profit off public education, destroy teacher's unions, and indoctrinate children with christian blather about creation, original sin, angel-unicorns, and the rest of the fundamentalist crap that passes as christian-theology these days. And they want you to pay for it with your tax money. Teaching kids is the least of their motivations, grifting is their primary goal. Bill Gates and the other billionaires charter school sugar-daddies should stick with what they know best, developing crappy operating systems and funding online megastores that gut local economies. Really, what the hell does Bill Gates know about child education? What a d-bag.
Mar 24, 2016 screed commented on Ask Us Anything About Our Caucus Endorsement(s).
This is how I sum up this year's election:

If you like the status quo, vote Hilary.
If you want change, vote Bernie.
If you hate America, vote republican.
Feb 23, 2015 screed commented on An Incomplete List of Things Scott Walker Isn't Sure He Believes.
The only reason the issue of whether Obama loves the USA or not is 'controversial' is because Rudy 'proto-fascist pinhead' Giuliani decided to say something outrageous in a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Given how Giuliani and many other prominent republicans work tirelessly to subordinate US welfare and interests to that of other countries and trans-national corporations (hello Saudi Arabia, Israel, Exxon-Mobil, TransCanada Corporation, etc. ), I can make a convincing case that Republicans, as a group and as individuals, do not love America. Indeed, I think an appropriate and accurate bumper sticker could be, "If you hate America, vote Republican."
Jan 16, 2015 screed commented on The Mayor Says He Should Use Fewer Words When Talking About Bertha.
Mr Mayor,

Trust in government started faltering long ago - when the powers that be foisted this boondoggle project on Seattle and Washington state, using fear and lies to sell it, while dismissing the mountains of evidence indicating that it was a disaster waiting to happen. You've painted yourself into a corner because of hubris and ignorance and now Seattle and those who support public transportation will have to pay, literally and politically, for your recklessness and poor judgment. There should be hearings and investigations on how this all came to be, and even if we can't criminally prosecute those responsible, we'll have an official record of who did what and why, so maybe we can avoid a similar train wreck in the future.
Dec 30, 2014 screed commented on Two-Year-Old Kills Woman With Her Own Gun.
#15 I think many of the people who feel compelled to carry a gun while shopping are probably regular Fox News watchers/Rush Limbaugh listeners and as such have been brain-washed/programmed into being angry and afraid all the time. Those black helicopters could show up at any time, the marauding hordes of angry black men may swarm over the horizon any day now. This is why they are so easily manipulated by right-wing politicians- they are like zombies now.

In this case, we don't know the particulars. Maybe she felt a real threat, like some crazy ex stalking her... Probably not, but we don't know yet.
Dec 22, 2014 screed commented on A Few Brief Notes on a Terrible Weekend.
#12 The NRA has been fanning the flames of fear and paranoia and hate of our representative democracy for many years now. They encourage citizens to buy guns to defend against what they consider government tyranny. The NRA has even gone so far as to push for a law in Indiana that allows homeowners to kill cops they think entered their homes 'unlawfully'.


The police union is saying the act of protesting against police brutality and extrajudicial killing of citizens is inciting violence against cops (despite no evidence to support this wild-ass claim), and therefore protesters are to blame for the murder of the two police officers. As long as we're blaming people other than the shooter, I'd say the NRA and other right-wing hate groups (including Fox News and right-wing talk radio) and their toady politicians are more responsible for the murder of those two cops than the protesters. These hate groups have been actively creating a climate of racism, fear and paranoia for decades now, which only encourages disturbed individuals to take the law into their own hands and mete out justice in what they might perceive as a broken and hateful world.

The Cliven Bundy case is not complicated - the judicial system found him guilty of being a scofflaw. The facts of the case are clear and not in dispute. He won't pay because he doesn't recognize US government authority, and is using the threat of violence to defend against what he considers a tyrannical government. This is straight out of the NRA playbook. He's had multiple days in court and has lost every single time. Only a right-wing tool would find this case 'complicated.'

The police union is not looking to deescalate the conflict between citizens and the police force. No, they are trying to politicize it and make it worse, to justify additional violence against the citizenry. I don't understand you right wingers - you complain against government overreach, of government tyranny, and yet it seems to me you are perfectly ok with cops, acting as agents of the state, killing unarmed citizens based on little or no provocation. You make no sense.
Dec 22, 2014 screed commented on A Few Brief Notes on a Terrible Weekend.
I thought the whole reason the NRA and their supporters lobby against gun laws was that and armed citizenry is the last (or is it the first?) defense against government tyranny. So an apparently disturbed, angry and violent individual exercises his second amendment 'solution' against what he perceived to be a tyrannical government. Why isn't the NRA also being blamed for this? And what about Cliven Bundy and the yahoos that faced off against BLM rangers? This is the America that NRA wants, people shooting people, people shooting cops, people shooting anything that pisses them off, because 'freedom.'
Dec 17, 2014 screed commented on Sony Is Not Releasing The Interview on Christmas.
Lesson learned. Threats of violence work. Peaceful protest - a waste of time.
Dec 15, 2014 screed commented on When It Comes to Torture, Dick Cheney Speaks for Almost Half of All Americans.
#18 last time I listened to NPR (last Friday) NPR used 'harsh interrogation techniques' instead of 'torture' when reporting on the torture report. What a joke.
Dec 15, 2014 screed commented on When It Comes to Torture, Dick Cheney Speaks for Almost Half of All Americans.
Paul, I respectively disagree about Dick Cheney's motives for instigating a torture program post 9/11. Torture is never about getting necessary and useable information from recalcitrant sources to head off some looming disaster. Assuming so implies Dick Cheney had America's interests at heart when clearly he does not, not then, not now.

No, torture through history has been used primarily by governments and other institutions to accomplish three things: (1) instill fear or terror in the general population to 'encourage' or force right thinking and obedient behavior; (2) punish individuals when they challenge dogmatic beliefs or otherwise aggravate figures of authorities; and (3) produce 'confessions' to justify, after the fact, policies or courses of action in order to give those policies or courses of action a veneer of credibility. Dick Cheney did not instigate a torture program to help keep us safe or protect our freedoms. I don't think Dick Cheney gives a rat's ass about keeping America safe or in general about America's 'freedoms.' No, torture to him was about producing 'intel' he could use to justify his war for oil in the Middle East that helped further enrich himself and his crony buddies. And if instilling a sort-of clandestine torture program also undermined America's democratic institutions and reputation, well that was just icing on the cake. Dick Cheney has an authoritarian mindset and I'm sure he felt fully justified in making America less democratic and more authoritarian by eroding the check on executive power and by chipping away at this whole notion of America being 'as a city upon a hill.' Truly a disturbing figure in American history and if our government weren't filled and compromised by so many people like him, he'd be standing trial for crimes against humanity.