Yeah, it's a copy of that.

May 4 TheRob commented on Video: Seattle Police Burn Seattle Times Reporter's Foot With a Flashbang Grenade.
I have no love of police, and the sight of militaristic methods and equipment used by police makes me very uncomfortable, so I will be one of the first to cry foul when the police overstep appropriate use of force and escalate rather than de-escalate situations. However, the complete lack of reasonable responses (including my own) to @georgeingeorgetown makes me think people just want to bitch about police, whether in action or inaction. They saw someone commit an assault in an area where people weren't even supposed to be protesting, and attempted to make people disperse to go after that criminal (ACTUAL criminal!). The flashbangs were overboard, yes. But anything they would have done would have gotten you all riled up. If you complain like this and offer no alternative other than quit your job (thanks, @orgasm, every post you make sounds like bad poetry slam nonsense and makes me think you are just a really convincing strawman), and call anyone who doesn't condemn everything they do a fascist apologist, they have a damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't situation. So please, anybody, give a reasonable way for police to deal with individual people obviously committing crimes in a crowd that is protesting, because people will always take advantage of these protests to commit crimes because they know they can. And letting protesting become equated with looting and lawlessness will be the death of protesting. And we need the right and opportunity to protest. You're making it worse, and you are making reasonable people discount anything you say because you're so mindlessly indignant, even when you might have a good point.
Apr 15 TheRob commented on Savage Love.
I think Tim Horton has a great point. You can identify however you want, and you can know yourself to be, in your mind, a person of gender X, if you still have the equipment of gender Y, it is unreasonable to expect those you are potentially having a sexual encounter with to see you as purely X. What they see is a human with equipment Y. And if they are typically not into Y, it is reasonable for them to toss in the disclaimer of "I'm into X, but I've been seeing this person with Y that identifies as X." That's not disrespectful. You shouldn't expect people to see you exactly as you see yourself in your head, with no regard for the physical aspects readily apparent.
Apr 8 TheRob commented on Savage Love.
@31 I'm not saying not wanting to do that is not being GGG. I think it's reasonable. And feeling comfortable with him getting his needs elsewhere, but not without JITB there, also reasonable. It's this comment:

"I'm uncomfortable with the idea of him going over to play with these men without me there, but I find these bondage sessions really tedious."

If watching your partner do something that they really enjoy is so boring that you don't want them to be able to do it at all (not, that squicks me out, or pushes my boundaries.. just sooooo boooorring), that's not reasonable. Hence the not GGG thing. not being willing to spend a couple hours of "tedious" watching every once in a long while (or until JITB feels comfortable with their partner going alone) is not GGG.
Apr 8 TheRob commented on Savage Love.
"Yup"? Come on Dan. What's the point of answering if you're not going to explain. JITB apparently thinks that this might be reasonable: "I am not interested in your kink. I could do it, but I get bored. I'm okay with you doing it with our two friends, but not without me there, and I don't want to be there because I'll get bored. So you can't enjoy your kink."

It is obvious to the rest of us how ridiculously self-absorbed and NOT GGG this is, but obviously is not to JITB, so you're "Yup" is pointless. If the only purpose of this column is to show letters, not give advice, you may as well leave the commentary off.

So, to JITB, you are being self-absorbed and uncaring. If your partner means so little to you that you can't handle a couple hours of boredom every once in a while to keep them feeling sexually fulfilled, maybe you don't care enough about this person to be in a relationship with them.
Apr 2 TheRob commented on Savage Love.
@marcelina I think the breakdown in communication here is you are arguing two different things, and when they call you ignorant, it is being inexperienced with mainstream porn, because you seem to be confusing it for some of the more hardcore stuff. I think it is a reasonable thing to say that those videos are degrading to THOSE women (I would disagree on the women in general part) who consent to being degraded within that scene. But that is a niche (however large), not conventional, and exists with the genders flipped, though that form is not as popular. Power play is popular in sex! That shouldn't shock you, and as long as it is between consenting adults, I don't think you have any place to tell them how they should feel. That's a form of feminism that I had thought got phased out.

What I've seen on mainstream porn, there is a lot of foreplay on both sides, and whether they do or not, the women behave as if they are enjoying themselves, and it wouldn't be interesting if they weren't. The ones with a woman with mascara running down her face or grimacing in discomfort are not mainstream.
Mar 11 TheRob commented on I, Anonymous.
@12 that only works if you know the owner and are on speaking terms. And have a wiggly tapeworm handy.

human piss shouldn't hurt the cat. At worst it is mildly uncomfortable, and very unpleasant for the owners. Either the cat would learn to associate a smelly, wet feeling with IA's lawn, or the owners will get hit with piss stank and have to bathe the cat regularly. Either way, success.

Shelter doesn't hurt it either (as long as it's a no-kill). And ex-lax is, again, uncomfortable. As long as poison or other physically harmful means aren't used, I think IA and the cat will both be fine.
Mar 11 TheRob commented on I, Anonymous.…

Get one, take it to a shelter. That's the caring, responsible thing to do for someone's stray pet, which is what they are. If you see a dog wandering the street, isn't that the right thing to do for it (or at least calling animal control or whatever to pick it up)? After the fourth or fifth trip to the shelter, your neighbor will reconsider the outdoorsy lifestyle of their cat. Or it'll be adopted by someone who can be reaponsible with it.
Feb 19 TheRob commented on Last Days: The Week in Review.
Why was the man taken to jail but the woman given a citation? Because she wasn't technically naked with the skirt on?
Feb 7 TheRob commented on Seattle Police Officer Ranted on Twitter About Race, Obama, and Gay People.
@73 ugh, your reading comprehension is lacking. Few to none are supporting that idiot cop's views. Because they are painfully stupid. I work almost entirely with people who think and talk like him, and it makes my blood boil, and has me regularly in an argument. However, no matter how much it bothers me, I would never seek to remove their ability to say those stupid things. You're not arguing with conservatives or police apologists, you're arguing with people who value freedom of speech, and not just freedom from legal ramifications. We think a person's personal and political views are beyond the scope of what an employer should be trying to control. The people who are offering reasonable responses are saying those views, however personal, cannot help but cloud the person's professional behavior, and as they are in a position of power and authority, their personal and political views are relevant to their employment. I would say both are reasonable arguments. You are the only troll here, offering nothing to the discussion.
Feb 7 TheRob commented on Seattle Police Officer Ranted on Twitter About Race, Obama, and Gay People.
@69, I get that and it makes a lot of sense, and the things he has said (mentioned in the article) can infer some racism, but nothing listed that he said sounds any different from any other republican I know. the gays have more rights thing, the Ferguson PD support, the redskins thing, the entire get-over-it mentality of white republicans... but nothing suggesting he specifically thinks minorities are criminals or that he would be biased against them. He just sounds like a Republican. Like every other republican. I bet he is not a fan of the ACA and has a bunch of guns. But him being a Republican in a liberal city is not a reason that he should lose his job or get essentially gagged on his own twitter feed. A Republican might take issue with a very liberal-sounding cop because they would infer he/she would be too scared of hurting a potential minority assailant's feelings to stop an active threat. They would be wrong, of course, in the same way assuming this man's right leaning views would make him show worse judgement or less professionalism.

I agree with @41, I don't see any overt racism, just political views. And I am no police apologist. I hate the militarization, the excessive force, and racial profiling that is running rampant through our country's police forces. But let's get officers out based on their actions, not their political views.

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