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Nov 30, 2012 Never again commented on Riding In Pysch Lanes.
I ride all over the city and avoid sidewalks AND arterials. More often than not there is a quiet, less-trafficed street one or two blocks over. Usually the street has cars parked on both sides, so ride in the center to avoid being doored. My experience is that drivers can see you better, they drive slower, and there's lots more interesting things to look at. Leave the busy roads to cars. Sure it may take a bit longer but at least you arrive safely.
Oct 26, 2012 Never again commented on The Architecture of Autumn.
This building used to be, I believe, a Canada Dry soda pop bottling company. It would be shame to see it torn down.
Mar 12, 2012 Never again joined My Stranger Face
Mar 12, 2012 Never again joined My Stranger Face
Mar 12, 2012 Never again reviewed Zippy's Giant Burgers.
We've been loyal customers of Zippy's since their original location. After their move we hadn't been back since but we decided to treat ourselves last Friday evening.

Imagine our surprise when my wife's burger was virtually inedible due to the fat/gristle content in the meat. I took the burger to the counter to complain and was told "Sometimes that happens when we chop in the meat and there's nothing we can do about it". That was it, no apologies, no concern.

No concern, no return.