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Apr 9 hurrdahurr commented on Savage Love.
SOS sounds like a grade-A two-minute pump-and-dumper. Not one mention of his wife's sexual needs over the years, and now that she's had forty years too many of being used as a pocket, suddenly he starts whining about his needs? Pfft.

I feel sorry for his wife but I'm willing to bet he brought this on himself.
Mar 18 hurrdahurr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Object Lesson.
Old people never change, always complaining about young folks... Kids can't even use proper grammar without getting scolded for sounding too mature or intelligent.
Mar 6 hurrdahurr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Screamers.
@20: My mother was a screamer. I once asked her why she had to make so much goddamned noise and she said, "Men like it better that way." Ugh.
Mar 5 hurrdahurr commented on State With Highest Minimum Wage Has Best Job Growth in Nation.
wtf ever happened to the phrase, "the cost of doing business"? Your small business isn't any more entitled to a free flow of cash than you apparently believe your underpaid employees are. I'm tired of hearing "small business owners" bitch about how hard they have it while simultaneously making sure everyone else has it even worse.
Mar 4 hurrdahurr commented on Savage Love.
I'll pee in front of my husband but I prefer not to have an audience while I'm taking a shit. Push comes to shove (one of us running late, only one bathroom in the house) I'll get over it though. We're very, very close - that helps.
Mar 4 hurrdahurr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Reefer Madness.
@4: Her triggers are her problem to work out, not her husband's to walk on eggshells around the rest of his life. I say this as someone who's been in weekly therapy for over a year to deal with mine own.
Feb 28 hurrdahurr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Honestly Open And Unbearable or Dishonestly Open And Functional?.
@8: The kids are probably left to raise themselves.
Feb 27 hurrdahurr commented on SL Letter of the Day: Secret Kinks.
Plenty of people get turned on by things that some would think would make them, for example, GID / GDD when they're not. Gender can be as fluid as sexuality. My husband (who laid his kink cards on the table very early on, bless him) is such a one.

The difference between him and the LW's partner here is that if pegging ceased to be enough for him, I trust my husband to be open and honest with me about it.
Feb 27 hurrdahurr commented on SL Letter of the Day: HOPE and Change and Second Opinions.
Not all anti-depressants are made equal. (They're not even all SSRIs, some are SNRIs as well.) Zoloft is going to work differently than Cymbalta or Lexapro. The first one you try might not be the one that works. (Life's funny that way.) Keep going to see the doctors, keep going to see the therapists, keep trying to incorporate the things in your life that you think would benefit you.
Feb 18 hurrdahurr commented on Savage Love.
Sounds to me like LW1 is bi and wants to indulge with his wife, and it isn't necessarily about cuckolding per se.

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