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Jul 17 biskethed commented on Full Text of Microsoft CEO's Letter About Cutting 18,000 Jobs.
The majority of workers in Redmond are contract workers who don't need to be laid off, their contracts can be canceled without warning.
Jun 6 biskethed commented on Want to Do Something About Gun Violence? Here's Where to Start..
The US has the highest gun ownership rate in the world - an average of 88 per 100 people. That puts it first in the world for gun ownership - and even the number two country, Yemen, has significantly fewer - 54.8 per 100 people
• But the US does not have the worst firearm murder rate - that prize belongs to Honduras, El Salvador and Jamaica. In fact, the US is number 28, with a rate of 2.97 per 100,000 people
• Puerto Rico tops the world's table for firearms murders as a percentage of all homicides - 94.8%. It's followed by Sierra Leone in Africa and Saint Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean
Jun 6 biskethed commented on Want to Do Something About Gun Violence? Here's Where to Start..
Wow, your Washington Alliance for gun responsibility people say this "A national survey of inmates found that nearly 80% of those who used a handgun in a crime acquired it in a private transfer." Consider this, if 594 passes, those same inmates who used a handgun in a crime, are not now going to say "oh my, if I want this gun to go rob someone, I had better make sure that I legally register it to myself" on top of that it allows that "The licensed dealer may charge a fee that reflects the fair market value of the administrative costs and efforts incurred by the
licensed dealer for facilitating the sale or transfer of the firearm. " so basically,the dealer now has a money printing machine. Fair market value of my time would be say, $85 an hour to facilitate a transfer, of course no refunds if the purchaser doesn't pass the background check right, because, I still wasted my time.
May 19 biskethed commented on I'm Jewish, I Was at the Macklemore Show, and Here's What I Saw.
It just seems to me that the outraged masses are stereotyping the appearance of a jewish man as looking like this stupid costume. Does the author of this article have a large hooked nose ? I do, but i'm German, and not related to anyone Jewish whatsoever. How about a sort of overgrown Beatles mop top ? My son has that, but he cuts his own hair, and just didn't do a good job.... again nothing to do with Judaism. Beard ???? Really ??? Don't come to Ballard unless you want to be constantly offended. I could see if he had sidelocks, or maybe was wearing a shtreimel... but damn, this is a lot of bull for what really is just a cheap random costume.
Nov 14, 2013 biskethed commented on Drunk of the Week.
(E)Wearing a deflated ostrich rider costume in public.
Apr 8, 2013 biskethed commented on I Love Television.
I am from Humboldt County. Raised dead center in the bullseye for these "Pot Cops" Garberville, Ca to be specific. They've been crazy raiding citizens, and terrorizing families with helicopters since the late 70's. At age 12 they landed in my front yard (while I ran out the back and into the woods) and "confiscated" my personal TV, motorcycle, surfboard, and stereo. Thay also took my family's plants of course, and left nothing. No documentation, or list of confiscated items etc. This isn't new, it's just on TV now. P.S. I've been involved in buying that same pot back from the CAMP officers outside of their hotel in Garberville too. Assholes.
Jun 18, 2012 biskethed commented on City Officials Are Calling for Stricter Gun Laws.
Search your news feed for Chicago violence. Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the US, and they are averaging about 45 shootings per weekend. Go ahead, make them illegal, turn law abiding gun owners into criminals unless they get rid of their guns, and make sure that the only people who have them are criminals. See what happens.
Mar 20, 2012 biskethed commented on Fuck You, Lady Gaga.
Was an awesome show!
Mar 20, 2012 biskethed joined My Stranger Face
Mar 20, 2012 biskethed commented on Fuck You, Lady Gaga.
Was an awesome show ! The SBB brought it with them fo sho!

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