Jun 18, 2012 imcarey commented on The Topless Painter on "Thailand's Got Talent".
Male Judge 1: Normally your artistic specialty is in painting or?
Contestant: Yes I paint, but I am staying away from the norm by using my body.
Male Judge 1: If you live in Italy, Florence, Milan, Check republic, Plague, it would be acceptable and okay.
Female Judge 3: I’m not saying that it is bad, but it’s not acceptable in the Thai culture.
Male Judge 2: I want to look in the aspect of art since coincidently it is also my background. Speaking in the sense of artistic talent, I can identify and accept your show.
Female Judge 3: Are you all for real? Unfortunately I don’t have an artistic mind so I am going to say not pass.
Male Judge 2: Pass
Female Judge 3: What? What’s going on? I don’t understand and I don’t like it.
(Behind the show)
Female Judge: I don’t see that how that can be artistic?
Male Judge: If the recruiters allow her to come into the stage then it is our job to see their point of view and review it as we see fit.
Female Judge: What? Then what? When guys see things like this then they get a pass, is that how it work? I don’t understand.
Male Judge #3: You don’t understand me or?
Female Judge: I don’t see how that can be consider art?
Male Judge: I believe it’s one of the forms of art.
Female Judge: I can do it; it’s not talent but more of boldness. There are so many good talent shows out there, so sick of it. (Walks off)
Jun 13, 2012 imcarey commented on Savage Love Live!.
Hahahah! Joke is on you because it's sold out!!
Jun 7, 2012 imcarey commented on Pride Organizers Retract Higher Rates for Politicians.
Thanks Dom!

Jun 6, 2012 imcarey commented on A City Mourns.
This piece is beautifully written.
Jun 4, 2012 imcarey commented on "Savage Love Live" at the Neptune Theater: A Benefit for Washington United for Marriage.
Dear kat275-

@4 We can offer you a refund for your VIP tickets. Can you email promotions@thestranger.com and we'll put you in touch with the ticketed for the event? No need to go scalping!

Also, @1 - You are allowed to ignore the request for more info. The charity is not penalized if you refuse to provide the info.
Jun 4, 2012 imcarey commented on "Savage Love Live" at the Neptune Theater: A Benefit for Washington United for Marriage.
If it is a VIP ticket they are required to report certain things about the "donor" as part of fundraising for political campaigns. Not sure of the exact cutoff mark but $100 is over the line.

I guess the question is whether stinkbug is willing for these guys to fail an audit over it. Probably they can't keep the money if they don't have that info. I'm sure this campaign will be under heavy scrutiny and wants to avoid any blurred lines.
May 21, 2012 imcarey commented on What You're Not Wearing: Fuck Yeah, Fashionistas!!!.
Needs more Wonder Women Costumes.
May 10, 2012 imcarey commented on Rob McKenna: Crappy Lawyer or Crappy Liar?.
Women voters: Rob McKenna HATES you. Not only that, he feels contempt for anyone who is not already extremely wealthy. Consider if this is someone you'd like to see in charge of running our STATE and fight hard if the answer is NO. This is a time to pay attention!!
May 9, 2012 imcarey commented on The Devil Eats at Dick’s.
If only being a professional painter in Seattle did not often require you to remain homeless.