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Mar 30 leftist commented on The Trans-Pacific Partnership Isn't Boring. Here's What It Means for Seattle..
There was a Town Hall speaker and a panel on U.S. trade agreements on March 23rd. Former Congressman David Bonior (D, Michigan) led off and one thing that made a huge impression on me was that Bonior also blamed these so-called "free trade agreements" for the massive rise in our trade deficit since 1994. How long can the U.S. be only a 'consumer' state and not a 'creator' state? Write your congressional representative and your senators and urge them to vote against the TPP and Fast Track. Right now Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are planning to vote for them.
The TPP will also have huge negative consequences for citizens of developing countries on the Pacific rim, like much higher drug costs, while Big Pharma gets to extend its patents out longer before drugs can go generic.
Jun 22, 2014 leftist commented on Mating Rituals of the Millennial.
#1and#4 - Yay Jenji indeed! I had to wait until I was 70 to see a show about women this revolutionary?! Damn! OITNB rocks with all kinds of women- and brings one of the first true transsexual women to the screen in a major role.
Perhaps one reason an abortion rom/com was a while coming is because of the Pro-Lifers, who have turned abortion and clinic providers into virtually, in some states, a matter of harassment, shame-making, and of course also a matter of life-and-death (i.e., Dr. Tiller and others).
Jun 20, 2014 leftist commented on Last Days.
Dear David Schmader - Many thanks for making my day when I opened up The Stranger to Last Days this morning and saw (in the print edition) the picture of the Mormon Tabernacle Cathedral identified by the caption "Crap Factory"!!! LMAO!
And that story about JONAH!
David, I've been a devoted reader of The Stranger for years, but just wanted to chime in to say thanks, thanks, thanks for what you provide in your column.
Jun 16, 2014 leftist commented on Not One More.
Great article, Anna. The U.S. has exported weapons and war for decades and is now reaping the whirlwind. It is time the public stood up against the gun manufacturers and their public representative, the NRA. Seattle, we can do this.
Mar 31, 2014 leftist reviewed Shewaber.
My friend and I went to Shewaber after reading the article by Charles and learning the new address. Shewaber is actually at the opposite end of the building from S. 1221 Main - just go down about 4 businesses. My friend had a spicy chicken dish and I had something like zilzi tibs, small pieces of mildly spiced beef, along with the greens and other dishes that come with your dinner on the huge Ethiopian pan-pizza size bread. The service is great, and the food is just awesome - worth every dollar you'll spend there. You can't go wrong eating at Shewaber!
Aug 19, 2013 leftist commented on The Pirogue: Moussa Touré's Brilliant Ship of Broken Dreams.
Yep, this a must-see movie out of Africa - one that creates remarkable cinematic tension without any weapons, robots, or superhumans.
Feb 21, 2013 leftist commented on Faith Healers.
I'd like to echo Aunt Grizelda's comments above:
"Oh, God--this is horrible!!! Can Catholicism die? SOON?? Just when I didn't think I could despise the Catholic Church any more than I do now..!" That's the first thing we should send our women into combat against - the MF-ing Church and its cardinals, bishops and archbishops. Get rid of all those assholes.
Sep 27, 2012 leftist commented on Voters Take Prejudice to the Polls.
Yes, the biggest problem my black son had in Wenatchee was that he was mis-characterized as a Latino (strange, with that kinky hair and non-WASP nose). At only 14 a man pulled his car over as he was walking down the street in Wenatchee and yelled "get a job, cut your hair, and quit looking like a diry spic". Nothing but class out there.
Aug 2, 2012 leftist commented on Runaway Train.
Goldy, thank you so much for an excellent article on this topic. I was turned into a sudden Sierra Club member when a friend who lives in Edmonds spoke passionately about actually watching one of these trains roll by through an Edmonds crossing and how she'd joined the anti-coal group. For more information on how to get involved there is this:
Robin Everett
Organizing Representative
206-378-0114 x308

I urge anyone who has doubts about what sifts off of those coal cars to watch the video at
Mar 23, 2012 leftist commented on Does Jay Inslee Exist?.
Thanks, for bringing this up, Eli. As a reproductive rights activist I wouldn't consider voting for McKenna, but Inslee's campaign is really slow off the mark. And I saw that he commented that he wouldn't be working on a more progressive tax system, but instead would be working to "close loopholes" for revenue. If there is a loophole left that would serve us better than a tax on the super-rich in Washington State, I'd like to hear about it. But in the meantime, Jay isn't delivering in a way that makes him stand out and not be considered a 'corporatist' Democrat.

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