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I look forward to Science Friday every week.

dangerdarling is punched in the face and loving it.
Apr 21, 2014 dangerdarling commented on Sunday Comic.
Wait, but no. Gary Panter?
Jan 17, 2014 dangerdarling commented on Do What You Love, or Just Get a Job Already?.
I love this topic. It rubs a lot of people the wrong way (although some are probably just like that anyway). Doing what you love is a privilege. Look at how many people get to do it. Overwhelmingly, those who do have access that allows them. How many blue collar and unskilled labor workers really love what they do, really? It pays the bills... Should all those who can do what they love, refrain from it? As my mom used to say, "Just because they are, doesn't mean I shouldn't."
As a guy, am I cut off from talking about feminism, or even simpler, from women's issues? Am I not allowed to use my privilege (which would take living in a deep, dark hole to accomplish), even if wisely? The discussion doesn't stop at which side of the chalk line you fall on, it goes on to include what you can do with your privilege. What if those of us, who are privileged enough to do what we love, took time to work for those who can't?
I'm doubly lucky. I do what I love, (which pays enough, if not much) and what I love helps people to get to what they love, in a sense. I know that not all of us can have that, but I'm sure that there are things any of us can do that may help another person get closer to doing what they love. Talking about the dark side of doing what you love is one. Acting on that discussion is another.
Activism is a funny thing- participants are there either out of privilege or dire necessity.
Dec 5, 2013 dangerdarling commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Do Not Watch This Japanese Ad for Car Tires.
Yeah. Definitely jumped there.
Oct 30, 2013 dangerdarling commented on Savage Love.
It seems that all these posters freaking out on GNAY should really be reading Dan's answer and thinking about how they fit into that well-worded run-on sentence. (You're so young! You're so a girl! You're so crazy!)
In the meantime, I'll be working on getting that T-shirt printed.
Sep 26, 2013 dangerdarling commented on SL Letter of the Day: Not Gonna Happen.
BTWs to Love My Wife- she might not be telling you her kinks because her kink is being vanilla. If she indulges you, then you should indulge her, even if it isn't YOUR fantasy, with as much gusto as you would like to be reciprocated.
Jul 25, 2013 dangerdarling commented on Savage Love.
@2/56- good point, but a shirtless Savage seems much sexier to discuss than a lot of the other comments. Have you ever checked out those guns? I mean, my goodness.
Jul 23, 2013 dangerdarling commented on Savage Love.
@2- If I were the first-ish commenter, I would use that privileged place to heavily suggest that Dan Savage post some shirtless pictures of himself. Just sayin'.
Jul 15, 2013 dangerdarling commented on Heartbreaking: Dying Gay Man Flies to Maryland to Marry His Partner of Twenty Years.
I must say, as an EMT, I can't imagine a better medical transport call to be a part of. I mean, except for the part where it's really fucked up that they couldn't simply do that in their own state, like twenty years ago. I am actually jealous of that crew. It's awesome when love wins.
Jun 16, 2013 dangerdarling commented on Bill Savage’s Totally Unbiased Review of Dan Savage’s New Book.
Pic! Shirtless pic I mean! (Benandryl certainly kicks in pretty quick...)
Jun 16, 2013 dangerdarling commented on Bill Savage’s Totally Unbiased Review of Dan Savage’s New Book.
And to another important subject; who thinks that Mr. Savage pumps iron? Check those biceps! I mean, he's no reflection of Arnold Schwarznegger's one time ripped bod, but damn, could we maybe get a shirtless Isn't it about time?!