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Nov 16, 2015 Jenkitty commented on I, Anonymous.
You know, anyone kind enough to give a total stranger a tote bag is kind enough to understand when it doesn't come back. I'm gathering from the story that the giver didn't even ask, the recipient asked how to give it back. This person's been dumped on enough, and I'm glad they got out and they're trying to turn their life around.
Nov 10, 2015 Jenkitty commented on Lafayette Was a Lusty French Teenager.
@1 I was gonna say, "Cue the 'Hamilton' references," but you have already beat me to it. :)
Nov 4, 2015 Jenkitty commented on Why Was Voter Turnout So Low in This Year's Local Elections?.
I voted! Loads of gratitude to the SECB for explaining the issues and making them make sense.
Oct 12, 2015 Jenkitty commented on SL Letter of the Day: Quick question.
Dear GC, I was like you when I was younger. I played the field, dated and fucked around a lot with men and women, whoever I liked and wanted to play with. Now I'm married to a wonderful guy who's thrilled to have a wife who loves sex and wants to have sexual adventures, as well as be his helpmeet, his rock, and a mother to his children. I hope that, if and when you ever choose to partner with someone, choose someone who loves you and supports you *because* of who you are... not in spite of it. As long as you're honest and forthright with yourself and your lovers, hold your head high and love yourself. Some of us out here are rooting for you.
Sep 30, 2015 Jenkitty commented on Peeple: An App That Allows Users to Rate Other Humans.
How pleasant. An electronic slam book.
May 20, 2015 Jenkitty commented on Guest Editorial: Don't Let Senate Republicans Pass a Budget That Undermines Our System of Justice.
@3 I had the exact same thought. Part of the McCleary decision involves regular compliance reports by the Legislature to the Court. Without adequate funding, how can the Court properly verify compliance with the decision?
Apr 5, 2015 Jenkitty commented on SPONSORED CONTENT.
I miss Creamy Chicken with Mushrooms... they stopped making that one over 20 years ago. I suppose I could figure out how to make something similar...
Feb 2, 2015 Jenkitty commented on Chris Christie, Who Quarantined a Woman over Ebola Fears, Says Parents Should Have a "Measure of Choice” When It Comes to Vaccinating Their Kids.
The phrase, "I'm not a doctor/scientist," should immediately invalidate everything that comes after it. *smh*
Jan 28, 2015 Jenkitty commented on Guest Editorial: We Need to Become a State Where Everyone Pays Their Fair Share.
Part of the solution of both income inequality and the state's budget shortfalls is by imposing an indirect tax on corporations... in the form of raising the minimum wage. It's a more direct redistribution than welfare benefits. Want to more effectively tax the wealthy? Make them pay their employees more.
Jan 26, 2015 Jenkitty commented on Seattle Has the Smartest Kids Ever, Which Is Why They Delivered a "State of the Planet" at City Hall This Weekend.
That's my kid! I was there, and I'm proud as hell.