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William of Seattle is sitting on his ass in his capitol Hill condo.
Feb 14 William of Seattle commented on Fifty Shades of Grey Might Be the Mass-Market Starter Smut You Deserve.
yawn,,,the novel is already in the book piles in Federal Way garage sales, and the fine film will have about three weeks in the Cineplex Corporate Film Houses, then have a massive $$$ showing in living rooms, then into obscurity with other Major Releases....

But, Paul, one very slight quibble:" Local audiences will find the establishing shots of Seattle at night to be validating—there were cheers at the press preview I attended—but the particular flavor of street-level Seattle is missing, presumably because the movie wasn’t filmed here." Uh huh, so the painting doesn't look like a bathtub because it is of a kitchen sink? Yes, yes, very good, now trying coloring in the horsey can choose any color of crayon that you want!

The background post viewing hipster conversations on this will be like having a filling done.

Feb 12 William of Seattle commented on I, Anonymous.
upset with a $21.oo bar tab, I've been a drunk in Seattle for many years and I'm lucky to walk with less than forty, fifty, which always includes a sense of drunken grandiosity alcoholic tip! There are standards in this life, mein childs!
Feb 11 William of Seattle commented on I, Anonymous.
All in yawl, who gives a fuck? Seattle is going to keep on being Seattle....
Feb 6 William of Seattle commented on Boobs, Booze, and Black People Hair: A Very Thorough Review of Black or White.
#28 meaning I'm not one of you,,,,you bully:)
Feb 5 William of Seattle commented on Boobs, Booze, and Black People Hair: A Very Thorough Review of Black or White.
So, does the little green star mean a recommendation? The review is clever, for about a second. We need a review reviewer to review this review with the same Clever Trevor, Mamma/Poppa knows best, I'm the smartest in the room (just ask me) review method. Amen. We're all crackheads now.
Jan 27 William of Seattle commented on Should Starbucks Apologize to Capitol Hill?.
who cares? I lived on capitol Hill for 24 years,,,and then I moved off AND, guess what, there's a lot of other shit out there too, sheesh
Jan 24 William of Seattle commented on Elysian Brewing Company Sold to Anheuser-Busch.
ultimately, who cares. The Millennial hordes will still pack the joints and drown the swill and bitch about something while licking their smartphones rabidly, and there will always be alcohol to drink, whatever brand you need to feel good about yourself.
Jan 20 William of Seattle commented on Bradley Cooper's Brilliant Performance Lost in the Quagmire of Clint Eastwood's American Sniper.
#4, true about the we shouldn't get involved in other places, but the notion that somehow there is this needy America yearning for a helping hand is BS. We're a bunch of spoiled, media whore assholes, more concerned about our smartphones and data packages and Facebook pages and getting laid and being cool than actually giving a shit about somebody outside of our clique or sphere of needs; we want to get rich and could really give a fuck about "providing basic services" whatever that far as film, Eastwood can be a great director, I find Unforgiven a work of art, but he can also be a horrible director, like the orangutan shit ones he did. The fact the this Sniper war flick just made 100 million on opening weekend shows that America has some gooey open wounds festering about our ongoing war actions, and is seeking self medication. Imagine that. As always, God Bless America and Amen.
Jan 18 William of Seattle commented on Five Things Washington State Needs That Our Republican-Controlled Senate Isn't Eager to Give Us.
#3 no no no, not Detroit, no major industry is going to up and leave in the near future, The Emerald City's destiny is San Francisco, or Vancouver BC, where rich hipster techs and establishment money live and rule the roost, and the hired help is bussed in from the hinterland kingdoms, Renton, Kent, Auburn, Tukwila(sp), Kenmore, The South End, etc....nobody is leaving glorious inner core redux Seattle except the workers but they'll still be close enough to arrive in time to scrub the shit splatters from the rich hipster toilets. Amen, and, as always, God Bless America!!!
Jan 10 William of Seattle commented on Inherent Vice Is a Mystery That Can't Be Solved.
I haven't seen it, but I declare it a masterwork. PTA is our current Cinema master, and Pynchon a certified Great Writer. Any Film Cricket worth his pot stash is required to list this as genius and beyond the reach of mere mortals. I know, O know, I should see it first, but I guess it's just a flaw that I have.

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