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Oct 18 ProstSeattle commented on Potential Trump News Network Means Trump Might Never Go Away.
If Trump were truly smart, he'd take a page out of L.Ron Hubbard's page book and set up a religion. We know his followers are gullible, he has a messianic complex, and he abhors paying taxes. Mix together and what do you have? Trump: the religion. My guess the gold cross he sees so many of his followers wearing he thinks stand for 'Trump.'

I'm picturing the scriptures now: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Shit is my daughter a fox trinity.
Oct 8 ProstSeattle commented on Washington GOP Chair Claims Trump Was "Channeling Bill Clinton" During Comments about Groping Women.
I actually heard the interview live. Before I knew this was Susan Hutchison being interviewed, I thought it must be some fringe Republican apologist. When I heard them say the name 'Susan' I still couldn't believe it. The tone of the interviewers was true incredulity. I honestly think they thought they were being punted, because it was all so surreal. I think Susan Hutchison took the chairmanship of the state GOP to give her a chance of running for office again, but honestly, I can't even imagine her showing her face in public again. It'll be like the final scene of Dangerous Liasons when Glenn Close's character is hissed at the opera.
Sep 23 ProstSeattle commented on Four Reported Dead in Shooting at Skagit County Mall.
I've always feared a shooting at several malls during Christmas shopping season.
Sep 16 ProstSeattle commented on ST3 Is Great But It Will Not Correct the Effects of Seattle's Housing Crisis.
Because we still have the subarea equity. Money raised in each sub-area has to be spent in that are. East King County has more tax base, hence Issaquah gets a light rail line. Honestly, I think this will fail, and Seattle may best be served providing our own transit. You may not be able to easily get to outlying areas, but we'd be able to get around town more efficiently.
Sep 16 ProstSeattle commented on ST3 Is Great But It Will Not Correct the Bad Effects of Seattle's Housing Crisis.
I'm not certain I understand the point of this article. When I was fresh out of college I couldn't afford to live in the neighborhood I wanted, so I worked hard until I could. I vote for all transit, housing and education levies to help all of our citizenry, and I still believe if you work hard you can achieve great things.

When I see the housing being built down at Pike Place Market, I wonder if those units were sold at market rate, how many additional people would receive subsidized housing? I suppose there is something to be said for spreading our subsidies to all neighborhoods, but pragmatism dictates that we can achieve more housing if we go to outlying urban nodes with decent transit.
Jun 1 ProstSeattle commented on The Washington State Republican Party's 2016 Platform Has Drifted Farther Right (And Says Light Rail Is a Bad Idea).
Did they post what their views on the death penalty are? Or is that 'natural death?'
May 31 ProstSeattle commented on Will Donald Trump Help or Hurt Washington State Republicans This Fall?.
My thoughts on the election of 2016 is its already over, except for the counting. My educated guess is the Republicans will retreat in numbers this year, lose the senate (in both the state and nation). The media has a vested interest in having polls showing very close results, thus keeping the drama high. It'll be a nail biter they'll say, until election night, when the Dems will roll to victory.

The Republicans will come back with 'we haven't had a true conservative leading our party since W' and go further off the deep end. Ted Cruz or someone of his ilk will get the nom in 2020 and the party will be further weakened.
May 24 ProstSeattle commented on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Lead in Pointless Washington State Primary.
I guess the WA Democratic Party doesn't like the primary system because they lose a modicum of control. Didn't we give some delegates via caucus and some via the primary a few elections ago? It seems like a decent compromise to get more people involved.
Apr 27 ProstSeattle commented on Why Did the City Kill Its Own Plan to Build Life-Saving Bike Lanes in Downtown and South Seattle?.
So now we need to have equity spread throughout the city. Forget that downtown is the major employment center, we need to spread everything equally around the city. I guess this is what we can expect with council districts.
Apr 26 ProstSeattle commented on Help For Those Struggling With Bernie Math.
I fail to see why Sen. Sanders supporters are dismayed that the Democratic Party supports Hillary Clinton when she has been a fundraiser and strong campaigner for the party for decades, not 2-3 years.