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Nov 13 Jonman commented on Nine Employees Speak Out in Defense of Paseo Owners as Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy.
No love for Bongos on Aurora by Green Lake? It's some damn fine Carribean food.
Aug 13 Jonman commented on I, Anonymous.
And all you people with your cars. Stop driving them past my house too. How dare you fill my house with your exhaust fumes.

Also, grilling. How dare you grill within 500 feet of me so I have to smell your delicious cooking meat.
May 20 Jonman commented on TMI Tuesday (Or, Where Can I Get a Sweatband?).
All the big name sporting goods stores will carry heavily branded ones. And I said fuck it to turning my face into a billboard, so I bought a shit-ton of plain ones in a number of colors for much less than the branded ones, on Amazon....
Apr 9 Jonman commented on Eighty-Six Sixty Nine!.
Anytime anyone tells you that you're Doing Sex Wrong, the take-away message is usually that *they're* Doing Sex Wrong.
Jan 21 Jonman commented on "I Need Some Pretty Things".
Someone get this woman some acid. Bank carpets will be even better.
Jan 14 Jonman commented on Shocker: America Is Reading Less.
While I may read fewer books, I'm pretty sure I'm reading more words per year.

So thanks for that, Internet :)
Sep 26, 2013 Jonman commented on The Flap Over a Flag on Orcas Island.
Aha! Context! I was there a couple of weeks ago, and thought how great it was that Eastsound was awash with rainbow flags.
Sep 23, 2013 Jonman commented on Some Assholes Always Have to Go and Ruin It for Everybody Else.
You can have my moistened wipes when you prise them from my cold, clag-encrusted asscheeks.
Aug 28, 2013 Jonman commented on Okay, YOU GUYS ARE GROSS.
British gentlemen, with their finer, vintage genetic stock, only sweat when playing an especially exciting game of cribbage or bridge. The rest of the time, we're dry as a bone, and smell slightly of a freshly baked loaf of bread.
Jul 12, 2013 Jonman commented on SL Letter of the Day: Two Words.
If you haven't already, switch out the latex condom for polyurethane ones. They're *much* better than latex, loads more sensation for you and for her. Downside? They're more expensive, but IMO, worth every penny.

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