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Free spirited, high libido, pleasure-seeker living incognito as the Mom-Next-Door.

Jul 30, 2013 SukieJones commented on Savage Love.
WIFE, if you feel more empowered with your man than you do without, if he fulfills you ways beyond sex, if you really really can't live without him, then you'd do well to listen to Dan's advice.

A sexless marriage will heap mounds of stress on you which will only serve to be more painful with children. Savage Love once advised me to open my sexless marriage. His negotiation language is five-star amazing. It's been three years now and while the arrangement works for us (we're very compatible partners who deal with the fatigue of fifteen years together and several children) there are definite moments when I feel sad about our sexual differences. Our differences are permanent. All these years later, I still wonder if sacrificing passion with my life-mate is worth it. The good news is that we have an amazing family to show for it.

Another thing to consider is that even if you two come to an agreement, daily life doesn't offer all that much support for alternative relationships. People are crazy-judgemental (stating the obvious here) and although our society is slooooowly growing more tolerant, we're far from in the clear. For me, keeping our "open" marriage in the closet weighs heavy on my mind.
Feb 5, 2013 SukieJones commented on Savage Love.

I used to feel this way too. Who wouldn't want a free pass?? Until, due to my high libido and his low libido, my husband and I opened our marriage and it became very clear that he is deeply monogamous. Sighhh. I wish he would put himself out there, but it's just not his thing. So I guess we're only partially open. He chooses to remain emotionally and sexually committed to me while I choose to always have a (fully disclosed) lover on the side with whom I can have mind-blowing sex and an emotional connection. It's my own personal version of polyish openness. And it's absolutely natural and necessary for me. Him, not so much. To each his own.
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