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Feb 28, 2013 bradpwa commented on Senate Considers "Rule Change" to Circumvent Today's Court Ruling.
The constitution clearly gives each chamber the right to set its own rules. That was part of the problem with 2/3, it went around that power. The Senate can pass a 2/3 rule although it's purely a move for political optics. Presumably the votes for a tax increase even with a simple majority do not exist in that body. And rules can be amended by a simple majority vote of the rules committee. So to bring a tax to the floor, one just needs rules to say yes, not 2/3. You can also vote on the floor to temporarily "suspend the rules" (not sure if that takes simple majority or 2/3) and then just pass your bill. None of this would get around a 9th order, in which all the rules are suspended and the majority then governs the place. So a lot of song and dance. WIll have the effect of getting the D's to come out and make unpopular statements about raising taxes, puts the moderate D's in the house in an interesting position. Lot's of D's will just vote over big tax bills from the house with no expectation they will pass just to please interests and the base. All in all, this changes nothing this year, but could make future years more interesting.
Dec 11, 2012 bradpwa commented on Rodney Tom Leads a Majority of Two.
Perhaps these two very well off guys do not intend to run again, and therefore are going balls to the wall. I wouldn't be naive to think your political analysis is so brilliant as to not have been considered. I think these two are genuine in their efforts. Now you can call it misguided, but that's about it.
Dec 11, 2012 bradpwa commented on Senator Rodney Tom: 48th LD Voters Can Go Fuck Themselves.
I disagree that politicians should exist to please the fickle masses. They should lead, not just respond. Let's see where this goes.
Nov 15, 2012 bradpwa commented on You Can't Be Senate Majority Leader If You're Not a Senator.
Here's a guy who wants to lead form the middle and could care less about parties. Eastside is not Seattle. They are actually independents and Tom is behaving as such.
Nov 15, 2012 bradpwa commented on How to Make Conservatives Care About Prison Reform? Lock 'Em Up!.
No one has been more supportive of our state's prison industrial complex than our own Governor Gregoire. Her need to appear "tough" has resulted in an awful record of abuse and racial intolerance.
Oct 9, 2012 bradpwa commented on Four Reasons Why Republicans Should Vote for Jay Inslee.
There is a much better solution that neither side is talking about. Follow the Oregon Medicaid waiver model which is extending care while moving them toward a more functional delivery system. As this program is designed it will just extend eligibility into a system that is dysfunctional causing tremendous strain on quality and timely access. The Oregon plan passed nearly unanimously with strong support from both Republicans and Democrats. We should follow their lead.
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Apr 13, 2012 bradpwa commented on Gregoire on Budget: "I'm Sure There Are Things in There That I Will Veto".
As the state's biggest pension payout beneficiary, I am not surprised by her comments. Gregoire has been a state employee for 40 some odd years and will collect in retirement each year several thousand dollars more than she makes now from her pension. Also, it never was a four year balanced budget, it was a 2 year budget based on 4 or 6 year projections (meaning it is amended every 2 years), and yes EVERY single successful company does do that. Her comments are just flat out wrong.