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Jun 18, 2014 oldjeezy commented on The UCSB Killer Is Reported to Have a Disciple at UW.
The author talking about his own history with masturbation is not journalism. Oh wait, for that author, those are both the same thing.
Jan 2, 2013 oldjeezy commented on Easy Street Records to Close Queen Anne Store Jan. 18.
Only people who should be sad about this is Nirvana. It's the only thing that place cared about selling. They let their best people go while keeping little young douches there who didn't know what to order, nor cared about ordering. The crew there had been scaled back to a team of children with zero taste and zero tolerance and zero knowledge of what really makes a successful business. And this is ALWAYS the end result. It's a Wal-Mart model: cheap employees and cheap shot-glass-and-back-scratcher bullshit is not sustainable, long-term. This is well known. When you actually love music, you are curious about why someone is interested in a CD they've asked you to order; you don't respond with, "ha, why would you want that?" while the (fucking!) Ting Ting Tings play in the background. Really. Also, management? What are you thinking? You now have a sole branch of your business in a suburb. Are your drunken-Eddie-Vedder sightings really that important to YOUR CUSTOMERS? I ain't driving there, for one. Not popular, but this business is getting what they deserve. Not to be confused with: I love condos or I love Chase bank or any of this other garbage that seems to be blanketing our city and every city in 'murrica.
Jan 2, 2013 oldjeezy joined My Stranger Face
Apr 19, 2012 oldjeezy commented on The Godfather.
I'm kinda with dodo.
Nice enough guy, good shows, but are we really creating what seems to be a self-authored mythology about, like, what - TWO years of a guy's work and how he's "on" the internetz getting in trouble? I mean really. Melvins, greater than 25 years. Neurot Recordings, over a decade. Tad, close to 20 years. The list goes on. This is way premature self-congratulations here. And, btw, the GtD bands aren't HEAVY. Everyone wants a return to grunge for some reason, and this is what the label is supplying. Curious. Not progress. Not an epic tale of breaking any ground. Nice try, tho. More calorie-free writing from The Stranger.