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Jun 9, 2013 shermanstribe commented on Meet the Information Pit Bull.
A few months does not a pit bull make; most count their record-seeking battles by years; and it's overblown to compare this case to the Times' case which involved an issue of great public concern.(BTW, you don't sue in appeals court - your suit is filed at a lower level, where it's heard; it then advances when one or both parties disagree with the lower court findings.)
May 30, 2013 shermanstribe commented on Seriously: Where Is Our Chihuly Playground?.
"If, by this time next year, we don't have some motherfucking movement on this playground, I'm going to march down to Seattle Center myself, tack a slide to a dumpster, sprinkle some glass around it, and christen that motherfucker The Chihuly Playground of Broken Dreams."

Trying to figure out which is the stupider of your statements.

Did you make this "motherfucking" boast because you knew the Center had moved forward on the playground and you wouldn't have to carry out your "motherfucking" threat?

Or did you actually write this without first finding out, like a real "motherfucking" reporter, whether what you were writing was true or false?

Either way, it winds up a stupid "motherfucking" post with your lead buried in the last "motherfucking" graph, turning the whole "motherfucking" premise of the story on its "motherfucking" ear. Motherfuck.
May 9, 2013 shermanstribe commented on Updated: Seattle Weekly Eliminates Restaurant Critic Position.
Then again, that's an awfully good cover story this week on people wrongly convicted of crimes.
Jul 18, 2012 shermanstribe commented on Asian Americans Wonder if Racism Persists on Rob McKenna's Campaign.
Nice going Stranger, you got a new grad fired from a job for something she dumbly wrote before taking the position! All without ever talking to her. Then you speculate that McKenna's a racist! What cowards you are. (And I'm a Inslee fan.) Pulitzer hereby revoked, again.
Jun 19, 2012 shermanstribe commented on Required Reading for Pansy-Assed Dems.
Yeah Dan, I value your political opinions - like the one about invading Iraq. And didn't you steal just a tad too much (a foot worth's!) of Rich's copyrighted work here? Lazy and a thief!
May 21, 2012 shermanstribe commented on In Lieu of an Actual Argument....
You being a Demo shill rather than a news guy you don't get it - the Times, which you'd think would be leading the McDow bandwagon on this, is keeping the pressure on our public officials to do it right; this is the paper's news and editorial responsibility, to watchdog the pols. You'll never understand that, being one, and using the Stranger's columns in your run-up to office.
May 15, 2012 shermanstribe commented on City's Estimate for Fixing SPD Jumps Eightfold—to $41 Million.
You ought to at least try to determine if what the mayor says is true before you accept it so willingly....We know he's the Stranger's buddy, but we'd all do better to the read the Times report today, which calls bullshit on this story and the mayor's money claims.
May 4, 2012 shermanstribe commented on ACLU Joins Lawsuit Against Sound Transit.
Way to investigate those press releases, Cienna. And congratulations on writing a whole story without "fuck" in it...although you did use "The lawsuit" twice in the same sentence...Wadda writer!

"The lawsuit, filed on April 5 in U.S. District Court, the lawsuit..."

Apr 26, 2012 shermanstribe commented on FAKE Egyptian Law Would Allow "Farewell Intercourse" with Wives' Corpses.
The Stranger's idea of a correction: Putting "Fake" in front of the original headline. What a poor fucking excuse of a newspaper and a so-called reporter.
Apr 22, 2012 shermanstribe commented on Right Now: Pot Talk at City Hall!.
Wow, what a lack of class. Motherfuck this, motherfuck that, misspelled names, mindless comments, a nonesensical 'report' with no clue about what happened. Why did you do this? Consider the Pulitzer revoked.