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1:39 PM yesterday brent.b commented on The Monday Morning News.
@31 - Presumably it was the failure to pay local taxes on cigarettes as opposed to federal tarriffs (New York State and NYC both impose their own tax in addition to any federal ones).

Also, they subdued the guy who was refusing to comply with police orders. It took several officers to try to do so, because he weighed 400 lbs, but there is no particular reason to believe they used undue force (if you can be heard yelling "i can't breathe," you can in fact breathe; that chest tightness may have very well been due to a heart attack). There is also no particularly good evidence that he was just standing there. One witness said that, just like one witness said the guy in the Light Rail shooting didn't pull a gun, or like a witness suggested the bank robber earlier this year was cowering in a bush (turns out that those witnesses was unreliable and probably just lying, not surprisingly).

I guess my issue is that there is no particular reason to believe the police did anything wrong in this instance. He might have been obviously breaking the law before he resisted, and then simply had a heart attack while being subdued. It may also turn out they used undue force or that they were harassing him for no reason, but there is nothing compelling to suggest that as of yet. There are such better examples of police wrongdoing and we are only talking about this one because there is a video of him yelling "I can't breathe" (which means you can, in fact, breathe) before he dies. Making a big deal out of these cases before anyone knows if there is any substance just costs credibility. Much like the Light Rail shooting or the shooting of the bank robber. Wait for a real story, and wait until you can substantiate the allegations--like real journalists--before trying to create outrage.
Jul 16 brent.b commented on If There Can Be Six Californias, There Could Be Two Washingtons.
@ 36 - And, actually, two Washingtons would still be democracy. There isn't actually any hypocricy or contradiction there.
Jul 16 brent.b commented on If There Can Be Six Californias, There Could Be Two Washingtons.
We subsidize Eastern WA, but, in exchange, we take 100% of WA's electoral college votes. Two Washingtons would make it harder to elect a democratic president.
Jul 16 brent.b commented on Transgender Pagliacci Employee Fired, Then Offered Job Back, After Complaining About Customer Harassment.
I have a hard time seeing this employee's continued problem with the company. I mean the owner found out and has reached out personally, apologized for not having a clearer policy, and is investigatin the managers for not being more supportive. This really sounds like a bad manager and not a bad company. It feels a little bit like it is being milked at this point with the legal action and all that.

And there are some significant problems with the way she went about handling the situation. Since she wasn't a manager, I am guessing it is way out of line for a crew member to be threatening to refuse service to a customer, or even confronting a customer for that matter--regardless of how valid the reason might be. The first interaction makes sense, but walking up to the customer the second time and confronting him instead of informing the manager is just bad judgment, and not acceptable employee behavior.

And I also thought what g did. "Man" in the way she is saying it was used is usually not gender specific, it is like "dude." And Ma'am is certainly not what you would replace it with. Makes me wonder if Dylan is a transplant. That being said, the fact that he laughed instead of saying he was sorry and/or that he didn't mean it that way sort of makes it irrelevent. Plus, sometimes people are being obviously antagonistic and thier intentions are clear, even if their words seem open to interpretation on paper. That may very well be the case here. But, that is sort of the reason that you are supposed to go to your manager if you have an issue with a customer instead of confronting them yourself.
Jul 9 brent.b commented on Judge Orders Boy to Have an Erection, Let Cops Take Photos.
Also, it looks like 703-792-6050 is the number for the main office, since it is the the same number listed for all the attorneys in the office.
Jul 9 brent.b commented on Judge Orders Boy to Have an Erection, Let Cops Take Photos.
I would suggest trying to contact the actual Commonwealth Attorney instead of the Assistant Commonwealth Attorney (who may or may not be just following orders, but, at any rate, isn't up for election). The Commonwealth Attorney is:

Paul B. Ebert
Commonwealth Attorney's Office
Second Floor
9311 Lee Avenue
Manassas, VA 20110-5594
Phone: 703-792-6050, F: 703-792-7081
Jul 2 brent.b commented on A Wonky Decision That Will Define the Future of Our Food.
@19 - And the problem with legacy pollutants, like PCBs, is that they aren't really being created anymore, but they don't break down. So the are mostly being cycled around environment at this point and city and county storm drains are a major source. But they arne't actively putting them in. They are being deposited from the air on streets and they are coming from upstream in rivers. It isn't like Boeing is currently using PCBs in their manufacturing process...
Jul 2 brent.b commented on A Wonky Decision That Will Define the Future of Our Food.
@ 12/15 - Just read his terrible coverage of the shooting of that chef who robbed a bank. Some of the worst "reporting" I have ever read, certainly the worst from The Stranger. Although this article seems more or less on point.
Jul 2 brent.b commented on A Wonky Decision That Will Define the Future of Our Food.
@ 10 - Actually this wasn't pulled out of his ass. The EPA gives states a choice between a cancer risk of 1/100,000 or 1/1,000,000. So that is actually the choice and the comparison. The state will likely raise the Fish Consumption Rate, but drop the cancer risk from the more protective 1/1,000,000 to 1/100,000, making the actual change in Water Quality Standards minimal (but more reflective of reality). And, to some extent, this isn't the issue today. We already can't meet the existing PCB standards because PCBs exist at too high a level basically everywhere on the planet.
Jul 2 brent.b commented on A Wonky Decision That Will Define the Future of Our Food.
@ 6/7/9 - We do have data on the issue and the state has done studies to determine how much fish people eat. But, the question is, who do we want the number to be representative of? The average? The people who eat the most and who are at the most risk? 90% of people? 95% of people? That is the political part of the decision, but that doesn't mean there is no underlying data.

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