Sep 1, 2016 brent.b commented on Here Are 6 Reasons Why Trigger Warnings Aren't Bullshit..
Sydney, it jumps out at me that the two studies almost certainly defined "rape" differently. And that, as defined by the 1/5 study, you would expect it to have a significantly lower rate of PTSD compared to what was considered rape in the 1995 study looking at even older data. Did you just multiply the percentage of women who are victims of rape (as defined by the 1/5 study) by the prevalence of PTSD amongst rape victims (as defined by the older study, which found less than 10% of women were raped in their lifetime per that definition and study)?
Aug 24, 2016 brent.b commented on Russell Wilson Responds To Question About Moving His Wedding From North Carolina.
I think that is as much answer as you can expect from Russell Wilson. I also think it is pretty clear what he was saying. He certainly didn't say he decided against NC for some other reason. He knew what the story was, and he didn't correct it, even if he didn't explicitly comment.
Jul 25, 2016 brent.b commented on Nate Silver Predicts If the Election Were Held Today, Donald Trump Would Win 57 Percent to 42 Percent.
@16 - Something can be wrong and misleading. They are not mutually exclusive. This headline, for example is wrong. It is also misleading.
May 12, 2016 brent.b commented on Red Mill Burgers Owner John Shepherd Accused of Sexist, Transphobic Online Comments.
@ 42 - I think it also just impairs the ability to combat that type of thing. It is possible that Mr. Shepherd--and others who post similar things--thought that cartoon was just a silly, funny, harmless thing. And just didn't think about what the basis of the joke really is. If you tell someones who is merely thoughtless that the cartoon is bad because it compares trans-women to dogs, they will just shrug that off, because that is obviously not true. You aren't elevating the discourse or helping anybody if you are yelling things that are patently false--even if your intent is noble. That is a disservice. It seems like this type of thing is increasingly common at the Stranger lately, and it never gets corrected.
May 12, 2016 brent.b commented on Red Mill Burgers Owner John Shepherd Accused of Sexist, Transphobic Online Comments.
"In other posts, the user compared transgender women to dogs."

Jesus Christ. This should be removed or corrected.

The cartoons were offensive to be sure, but it compares gender identity to being confused about what species you are. The comparison is between gender and species--not between trans-women and dogs. The offensive part is that it conflates being transgendered with being confused. Just because the cartoon includes a dog and relates to the topic of trans-women, doesn't mean that it is comparing trans-women to dogs. That is just dumb.

I don't know whether it was lazy or if it was intentional and meant to make the cartoons seems extra offensive, but it should be corrected.
Apr 25, 2016 brent.b commented on Obama Tone Policing Black Lives Matter.
That is no an accurate retelling of what the President said. He didn't actually say that BLM needed to stop yelling. He said that they had turned a spotlight on an important issue. Then he suggested to 'young people' (not BLM specifically) that they should engage once the yelling has gotten people's attention and put a spotlight on the issue. I am not sure how tone policing can be forward looking, but Obama's comment clearly was. He wasn't talking about any specific event, so I am not sure how he could be recasting anything at all. And, in fact, many in the BLM movement have done exactly that.

Also, if Killer Mike's objection and refusal to engage with someone who calls him a 'coon' is tone policing, that raises the question: is some tone policing good and necessary? Or do certain issues hurt your foot so much that you have carte blanche to yell absolutely anything, no matter how offensive and counter-productive it might seem?

I understand how, even though interrupting a rally unrelated to your issue to demand conversation about the issue you want to talk about can seem inappropriate in the abstract; the urgency, importance, and current neglect of your issue can make that action reasonable. And I think BLM is a great example of that.

But it seems like there still needs to be some tone policing. What about people who are crazy, who take the same type of actions over inane or insane issues, but which seem subjectively to them just as important (What are the names of those two guys who interrupt council meetings, the one who ran for city council and the tall guy with the cardboard signs?). Do we have to just give them the microphone and let them control the narrative for fear of tone policing? And what about calling Killer Mike a coon? Killer Mike isn't some privileged idiot who refuses to acknowledge the issue, he is someone with whom constructive dialogue could be had, why push him out of the conversation like that? Or are we saying that he has some continued obligation to stay in the conversation despite pretty intense personal attacks?

And I think this is what Obama was getting at. Because even if we say Killer Mike should stay in that conversation and keep listening to her, we know that isn't how people respond. That isn't going to lead to anything constructive. Disruption is great for forcing an issue, but it doesn't solve the issue on its own. Is disruption the end goal, or is it a means to an end, with the end goal being progress? Because if disruption is the end goal, it has already been achieved. If the goal is actual progress, eventually it will take engagement and not just disruption. I think that is all he is saying, and it seems almost obvious.
Mar 11, 2016 brent.b commented on Sorry, CDC, but "Not Drinking" Is Definitely Not a Form of Birth Control.
@21 - Your posts are usually pretty logical and well thought out. But this position is not. I notice you don't cite to a single source for the proposition that evidence supports encouraging total abstinence? And I guess it depends on how you define 'moderate.' But the only known effects of drinking while pregnant are from fairly high consumption (like more than a drink a day, fetal alcohol syndrome levels). There is absolutely zero support for shaming people who have an occasional drink while pregnant or staring down some pregnant person you see having a drink. If you find any actual evidence based support for that, feel free to link it.
Mar 11, 2016 brent.b commented on About Those Consent Is Simple PSAs....
I think part of the problem is using body parts instead of whole people. Obviously you can't grab someone's boob without consent. I think (hope) the contact was supposed to be representative of less sexual, more hand on shoulder type contact. But how do you show that when the two characters are a boob and a hand?
Feb 4, 2016 brent.b commented on Sorry, CDC, but "Not Drinking" Is Definitely Not a Form of Birth Control.
I am more upset about the part about drinking pregnant and the assertion that any alcohol is too much when pregnant. That is not remotely evidence-based. It is bulshit. It is astonishing how willing we are to tell women what they can and cant do pregnant. On a whim, without any evidence. And just how willing people are to condemn or say nasty things to women who have a single drink, despite the fact that there is no evidence at all that light (maybe even moderate) drinking during pregnancy has any adverse effects for mother or baby. This just reinforces that wrongheadedness.
Jan 28, 2016 brent.b commented on You're New to Town? We're Glad You're Here! We Can Finally Do Something About....
@20 - I actually think Seattle drivers overall are better than most places, better than anywhere else I've driven. That being said, there are a few things they do that stand out as bad compared to other places. One is definitely that they don't know how 4-way stops work. The person on the right doesn't always have the right of way. I'm positive someone read this who didn't know the first car goes first. So it did some good. That being said, other places it is much more common for people to try to stop 20 feet from the stop line in some silly attempt to be the first one 'stopped at the intersection.'

That and blocking intersections. And, maybe even more annoying and bone-headed, turning right on a red when someone is waiting for the intersection to clear before going straight. If someone is waiting for the traffic to clear, you cannot turn right in front of them on red, wait for your green light.