Feb 3 JLDR commented on David Schmader Gets High with His Mom After the Women's March.
Loved this, love SmartFood.
Jul 20, 2016 JLDR commented on We Saw You Daydreaming About Pokémon on Beacon Hill and Almost Catch a Pikachu in West Seattle.
I was walking my dog in Greenwood yesterday and saw a little pink printed sign from the internet that read "Smart Women for Trump" in someone's house window. Kinda blew my mind that it existed.... smh
Mar 8, 2016 JLDR commented on Tell These Republican Senators to Support Protections for Pregnant Workers.
well hey... Happy International Women's Day everyone! What a way to celebrate.
Feb 16, 2016 JLDR commented on The Morning News: Deputy Mayor Hyeok Kim Opens Up About Homelessness and, Ugh, Macklemore.
The op-ed piece by the father of the transgender daughter is a really enlightening piece into life with a child who found that their gender identity didn't match their biological sex... unfortunately, the freaking comments on the article have now ruined my day. I forget that all of Seattle is unfortunately, not a liberal, progressive bubble. UGH narrow-minded people!!!! STFU
Dec 15, 2015 JLDR commented on The Morning News: Seattle Becomes the First City to Give Uber Drivers Collective Bargaining Rights.
duh people.. Value Village is for profit. Go to Lifelong!!
Nov 6, 2015 JLDR commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Man Teaches Robber Value of Friendship.
well that's bizarre.
Oct 21, 2015 JLDR commented on Morning News: Seattle Police Chief Joins National Call for Reducing Prison Population, Study Downplays Notion of Northwest "Climate Refugees".
I was looking for a Slog suggestion box but couldn't find one so I'm just going to put it here -

could someone investigate the purportedly weird situation going on at Republican & 15th, where the "Capitol Hill Family Arcade" just popped up. What I've heard is this: Uncle Ike's and some unknown potrepreneur were going to go in together on a new pot shop (Uncle Ike's #2) in the building where the "arcade" is now (used to be a vet? or dentist?).

But, so I heard, Uncle Ike dropped the unknown person for unknown reasons from the business plan. So that person decided to open their own pot shop across the street in the recently former Angel's Shoe Repair spot on Republican. Throughout the end of summer, people at the former shoe repair pot shop were working hard in getting the space outfitted. Meanwhile, sometime in September this "Capitol Hill Family Arcade" popped open across the street in what I thought was Uncle Ike's new spot. The former shoe repair pot shop has now been sitting vacant with no progress in development since about the same time. So what i've gathered is: Uncle Ike is pissed about the unknown potrepreneur opening up across the street so they put in a "business" that makes it impossible to open a pot shop on that corner due to restrictions (the kids!) which means that north cap hill pot smokers (me) still have to go to 23rd & Union for the nearest recreation pot (I was really looking forward to a 3 block walk)... so annoying Uncle Ike! I don't even want to go to their store any more if they are creating monopolies with Seattle's limited pot shop spots... but is this what happened? can someone investigate this situation and report back? please & thanks!

p.s. the arcade is weird, kinda creepy seeming and never busy.
Jul 30, 2015 JLDR commented on Defeated on the Willamette, Shell Takes the Fight to the Courts.
These protesters make me want to happy cry! Good work!
Jan 16, 2015 JLDR commented on The Mayor Says He Should Use Fewer Words When Talking About Bertha.
lol that picture