May 10, 2012 RGoetz commented on Obama Comes Out for Same-Sex Marriage.
If I hear one more gay person mock Obama for evolving or say something snarky like “finally”, I am going to barf. I was married for 23 years (with two kids) when my wife died of a brain tumor (brain tumors suck). During the years surrounding her death, I lost both of my parents and my brother lost two teenage sons (and my kids lost their closest and favorite cousins)…one in a car accident and one to suicide. Loss creates a whole new level of soul searching (and yes evolving) and I finally came out to myself as gay (even though I too shopped for my wife’s clothes …just like Marcus Bachmann). Having been married for 23 years, it also took me a year or two after I came out to evolve to the point where even I supported gay marriage….and I have never voted for a Republican in my life! I started seeing a guy and we moved in together about 4 years ago. My kids adore him. My 30 year old daughter marches in the local pride parade every year to show support for us and her gay friends. Her mother was from North Carolina and was particularly disgusted over Tuesday’s vote, and shared that disgust on Facebook. It took a bit longer for my 26 year old son to come out to his friends and admit that he had two dads….and when he did, his friends either said “cool” or “meh”….even the Republicans. He was ecstatic about Obama’s comments yesterday and also made a touching post on Facebook…and a donation to Obama’s campaign. PS My son also says that having two dads is a huge chick magnet for him when he is out at the bars.
Apr 27, 2012 RGoetz commented on Lutheran Bishop in Minnesota Comes Out Against Anti-Gay Amendment.
Bishop Rogness makes me proud to be an ELCA Lutheran.
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Apr 24, 2012 RGoetz commented on SL Letter of the Day:.
I too was married for 23 years (with two kids) and lost my wife to a brain tumor. Because of that loss (and the tragic loss of two nephews and my parents within the span of just a few years) I realized that life is too short and first came out of the closet to myself (and believe me, even that took courage). I then found a guy on and we have been together ever since. He was my "friend" for over three years before I finally came out to my kids and told them we were each selling our houses and buying a new place together. My kids were raised to be liberals and it was still one of the hardest things I have ever done. My kids had been through so much (brain tumors does losing your favorite cousins, including one to a suicide). I thought they probably knew what was going on (they stopped saying "that's so gay”)...and I was right. They did know and have been wonderful about it ever since I got up the nerve to tell them. They are proud of their two dads. I took my son a few years to “come out” to his friends about his two dads, he found that when he did, even his most macho and Republican frat brothers didn’t care at all. He also finds that having two dads is a chick magnet at the bars. My daughter has told my partner that while she misses her mom every single day, she also knows that had that loss not occurred, she would not have him in her life today. Having seen both kinds of families, my kids say that in the end, where there is love and good parenting, there is really no difference between the two.