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Nov 13, 2014 alexandria commented on Nine Employees Speak Out in Defense of Paseo Owners as Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy.
Apparently they still have a Paseo open in Key West. Don't know the significance of that...
(except maybe ROAD TRIP).
Nov 11, 2014 alexandria commented on What We Know So Far About the Wage Theft Lawsuit Against Paseo.
I don't understand how the pieces fit together.

So they're being sued, and it looks like the case won't be finished up until next fall sometime.

So why did they suddenly just close up shop without warning? It doesn't seem like the court case is sufficient cause. They might very well win their case, so why not stay open? For that matter, even if they lose, why not stay open? they can appeal, might be a long time before they feel the financial pain, even in the worst case scenario.

Is there something I'm missing? I feel like there must be more to the story.
Aug 28, 2014 alexandria commented on Kid Comes Out, Family Disowns Him.
Are you guys sure that Seattleblue has a job?

I would bet that he's on disability for a "back injury" and spends his days sitting on his ass, screwing around on the computer, trolling liberal sites when he's not busy watching porn.

Aug 27, 2014 alexandria commented on Seattle Police Officer John Marion Is At It Again, Apparently.
What I really object to is the fact that John Marion "likes" Ted Nugent. That says it all right there.
Jun 24, 2014 alexandria commented on What is UP with Seattle's Proposed Pre-K Program?.
Late to this conversation, but I can't believe no one pointed out to collectivism sucks that had he/she had access to universal preschool, you never know...he/she might know how to spell "ferret" correctly.
Jun 6, 2014 alexandria commented on Want to Do Something About Gun Violence? Here's Where to Start..
#1 has a katana...apparently 16 year old doofuses with a martial art fetish are now reading Slog. :/
Jun 6, 2014 alexandria commented on Family of SPU Gunman, Who Was Twice Referred By Police For Mental Health Evaluations, Cooperating With Police.
I wish we, as family members, could help remove guns from our loved ones who are mentally ill, but it's almost impossible to do so, with the laws as they are presently written.
A few years back I had to address the fact that my elderly father, suffering from dementia and partial BLINDNESS, was waving his guns around in the house in a very dangerous fashion. The police came but said that the guns couldn't be removed, as no laws had been broken. We later snuck his guns out and told him they had been taken to be "cleaned".

Don't know how the family members would have stopped the legal adult in this situation from owning guns.
May 31, 2014 alexandria commented on That’s Kind of Racist, Dude.
#39, I came here to say the same thing. Author lost me when he couldn't differentiate between the sharp-tongued* satire of the Colbert Report, and the other examples given.

*not sure if "tongue" is the right word given that it's Twitter we're talking about here
Apr 24, 2014 alexandria commented on In Culture News: Lupita Nyong'o, Free Books, and Some Good News for Once.
Uh yeah, #1. That fucking puppies comment was totally not good, in whatever context.
And actually, thinking more on it, the immediate context seemed to be "fucking puppies is ok, and similar to liking boys". So even worse.
Apr 2, 2014 alexandria commented on Your Favorite Indie Shop Is Out of Business if $15-an-Hour Happens.
I will be happy to pay a few extra dollars here and there if it means that other people in our city get to earn something *approaching* a livable wage.
Their rights in this realm trump my right to a slightly (or even significantly) cheaper mug o' beer.