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Mar 18 doubtroub commented on Woman Reviews "Husband's Stupid Record Collection," Will Probably Get Book Deal.
Megan, I usually agree with you, but this time... I don't totally disagree, but I think you are reading this too literally.

In fact the author of the blog writes quite intelligently about her feelings of being a feminist and it's effect on how she views the albums frequently. Her take on of AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds" is case in point. She loves Big Balls, but is creeped out by the track about having sex with an underaged groupie.

And at least when she finds something she likes, she digs deeper in, doing a lot of research and leaving you with lots of links to click through about the artists.

She writes intelligently. More than I can say for Minard, who sufffers from the Jezebel/Gawker symptom of uneducated verbal-diarhea in the form of snark overload.

This woman's blog has actually made me go back and listen through A Certain Ratio. Minard has only succeeded in making me want to throw my computer against the wall. (I gave up on her posts a while ago though. Maybe she's changed.)

Anyways.... Not everyone is gonna love Anthrax. Give her a break.

Feb 28 doubtroub commented on Massive NPR Fail This Morning.
Dan the piece was actually for the show "Tell Me More" hosted by Michel Martin *YESTERDAY*. For those who are interested the audio can be found here: http://www.npr.org/2014/02/27/283456094/…
Jan 27 doubtroub commented on Kshama Sawant to Take Home $40,000 in Pay out of her $117,000 City Council Salary.
@7 ... and if she lived in Brooklyn she'd have spend all that $25,000 growing and upkeeping her beard and moustache!!!
Jun 24, 2013 doubtroub commented on Italian Prog/Horror-Soundtrack Legends Goblin to Play Neumos Oct. 18.
Dave PLEASE INTERVIEW SIMONETTI and ask when a retrospective of his italo disco will ever be officially released!! PLEASE!!
Apr 4, 2013 doubtroub commented on Important Poll: Which Sparks Album is Best?.
Yeah. It is weird there are no modern albums. Lil' Beethoven was amazing. Kimono will be picked by people who never really looked any further. Introducing and Big Beat are incredible, and the Moroder albums are still a sensation. As is the album they produced for Noel. (which is essentially a Sparks album with a female singer)

There really is NO correct answer to this except for comment #3.
Dec 17, 2012 doubtroub commented on Please Stop Saying That Liza Long Is Wrong For Sharing Her Story.
What's actually strange to me is I see the majority of people haranguing Ms. Long about her post are women.

Alithea's digressions about patriarchy, aside, she's particularly cruel in the face of the kind of things this mother has had to face. And let's not forget that she has two other children Ms. Long is trying to protect as well.

Sounds like a right mess for sure, and one society should learn from and try to heal, but blaming the messenger seems pretty lame. Jezebel's post on it was particularly putrid. This just seem like women beating up a poor mom who'e reaching out and asking for help from society for a son she doesn't want to lose wholly to the vortex of mental illness.

Geez ladies. She's hurting and conofused, if she made a mistake, give her a break. Or better yet, reach out and GIVE HER A HAND!!!
Dec 4, 2012 doubtroub commented on December 9 City Hall Wedding Update.
I'd love to know where the gay leadership in Seattle/Washington is going to be on this day. So far it seems like our great straight allies, Mayor McGinn and County Exec Constantine, are being helpful! BUt we haven't heard a peep from the lgbt political leaders.

So where are Ed Murray, Jaime Pedersen, Sally Clark, etc....

Nov 6, 2012 doubtroub commented on I'm Going to Miss Her Most of All.
Ali Forney Center for Gay Youth in NYC! THey could really use your funding!
Oct 16, 2012 doubtroub commented on Help the "It Gets Better" Project Go International.
@12/13 That was solved. They dropped any wording with It Gets Better
and stopped using that phrase and now it is only used by the Swedish affiliate.


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